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Dec 25, 2016
Amsterdam, Netherlands. W Hotel Amsterdam.
After International Luxury Travel Mart in Cannes, France, short stop in Amsterdam to see new W Amsterdam Bank. 
Hotel is as hip, funky and happening, as Amsterdam itself. It is located in historical building which served as deposit bank at some point. Great location in the heart of Amsterdam, short distance to museums, shopping, restaurants etc., right next to royal palace, and across the street from earlier W Exchange. If W Exchange should be recommended to younger clientele, W Bank can suit well more demanding mid-age travellers if they are looking for modern youngish ambience. 
If you didn’t go to Amsterdam for a while, you should go! City has so much to offer, and I wish I had more time to wonder its streets where history and modernity are twisted together with easiness and fun. Even at winter time canal boat ride is enjoyable and sophisticated way to move around and explore Amsterdam from other perspective. Those boat houses parked on the canals - what a lifestyle! 
And you may want to hire your personal photographer to capture you and your family exploring city of canals and bicycles - way better than your selfies! Not being a selfie person, I loved this idea to get to another end of camera for a change (normally I’m the one behind the camera, not in front of it:-). 
On top of world famous museums, Amsterdam has plenty of smaller ones worth a visit. Try Museum Het Grachtenhuis to learn about fascinating history of the city. It is very creative small museum which both adults and children will enjoy tons. 


Nov 21, 2016 Rocco Forte Hotel Savoy, Florence
Rocco Forte Hotel Savoy, Florence, Italy
I have been visiting and passing many times (but never have been staying in before) Rocco Forte Hotel Savoy, Florence. Time to appreciate prime location right on Piazza della Repubblica, one of my favourite places out of whole Europe. Even it is quite touristy place, there is always so much happening - live music, old-fashion carrousel, people passing the square, antique bar with strange Polish-originated name Paszkovski… When you stay in Savoy, that is literally your “backyard” and “playground" - what a perk! 
Another VIP perk to be not only greeted upon check-in but escorted to my room by General Manager, dear friend and proper gentleman Giancarlo Rizzi. And that is what I call "room with a view”!:-) 
Service brought to perfection. I’m kind of complicated breakfaster: instead of common cappuccino, I require lemon juice with hot water and ginger first, green tea with lemon second, and espresso third. Not only everything arranged by perfect timing and without hesitation, but second morning staff remembers my preferences.
Interior design to appreciate too: while hotel belongs to Sir Rocco Forte, the building belongs to Ferragamo, and you will find lots of reminders of famous shoe maker and fashion maker family here. Quite a style.  

 Great property, highly recommended.



Nov 20, 2016 Hotel Lungarno Firenze, Florence
Hotel Lungarno, Florence... and a bit about shopping
Next stop in Florence: Hotel Lungarno. One of the most desirable locations in town, one the bank of Arno river, with a view to famous Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge), next to my favourite boutiques of Oltrarno where I shop for most of my clothes. 
Here I’m - meeting darling friend, the lovely vendor of splendid Sonia Fortuna boutique. Love this designer! Look at this glamorous black and white suit in the window!
And spending pleasant evening with my fellow Canadian Virtuoso travel advisor Cindy Ducasse and charming Director of Sales for Lungarno hotels Caroline Courteau.  
I loved Lungarno hotel as it was, but it is closing now for major reconstruction which will bring rooms to next level. Very much looking forward to see the results! Yet, look at this fantastic view from my room - what else would you dream of when in Florence? 
Nov 19, 2016 Villa San Michele - Florence, Italy
Villa San Michele, Florence, Italy
Always utmost pleasure to re-visit one of my favourite hotels of the world, Belmond Villa San Michele in Florence. This property located on Fiesole hills not just has the most fantastic view of whole town, perfect Belmond-style service and great room product - it also offers such resort facilities like heated outdoor swimming pool and lash gardens.
Feels so good to be greated by concierge with a hug, as a dear friend long time didn’t see, and on the way to my Junior Suite to run in fantastic little group having aperitivo in the garden: Veleriano Antonioni - CEO of Lungarno Hotels with his charming wife, and father in law visiting from Germany, and handsome new GM of Villa San Michele Emanuele Manfroi. 
Nov 17, 2016 Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona
Barcelona, Luxury Hotels in city centre
Back to Barcelona after long time. Very short visit, but few major hotels to inspect. 
Out of all, Mandarin Oriental Barcelona is my best recommendation. This property is just perfect through and through: service, appearance, location, rooms, food and beverage outlets.  
Other great places to stay with comfort and elegance (all in the core of the city, short walking distance from each other): 
Old-fashion elegant, privately owned Hotel Majestic looks fresh and charming after recent refurbishment. I always have corner in my heart for family owned hotels - they have personality. Keep in mind Majestic also have private residences - good option for families or longer stay. 
Hotel El Palace with glamorous public areas and brand-new roof-top garden. 
Boutique style trendy Hotel Casa Fuster located in beautiful modernist-style building on Plaça de Nicolas Salmeron. Jazz Club of Casa Fuster is a place to be in Barcelona. 


Nov 17, 2016 Villa La Massa, Florence
Florence, Italy, Villa La Massa
Back to my beloved Florence where I was living as local at some point, and where I keep coming back to wonder its narrow streets, to listen Romanian band on Piazza della Repubblica, to shop in small boutiques of Oltrarno, to dine, to meet friends, to discover endless treasures this town has to offer to curious traveller. 
My first stop is Villa La Massa, which is outside of the town, in peaceful Chianti countryside by lazy river curving between picturesque rolling hills. Hard to believe that it takes just 10 minutes to get from this tranquil elegant retreat to historical centre of Florence (hotel provides complimentary shuttle).
I think this charming property is quite underestimated. Yes, it is not in city centre, but at summer months when Florence is hot and overcrowded, after busy day in town you will be grateful to be back to peaceful gardens of Villa La Massa, to make refreshing splash in swimming pool, to have romanic dinner on the terrace while admiring pastoral view. 
Also Villa La Massa shares lovely attention with its famous sister property Villa d'Este. And you should sample its brand-new spa, small but of great quality.
Nov 14, 2016 Castello Banfi Il Borgo
Castello Banfi, Tuscany, Italy
Was lovely to be back to Castello Banfi in Brunello area of Tuscany, even just for lunch and to catch up with dear friend Juan Miguel, the GM. This property is one of my first choices for Tuscany ever. Just 14 rooms and suites of best comfort standard are located in traditional Tuscan houses surrounded by plush gardens merging to endless vineyards and further to iconic rolling hills of Val d’Orcia. All yours - stunning castle, great restaurants, museum of glass, wine shop, and the most picturesque region of Tuscany to explore. 
Adorable hill-top towns of Montalcino, Montepulciano and Pienza are just short drive away, and the best Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino wines are house wines of the property which belongs to famous Banfi winery, the biggest supplier of Brunello wine to American market. 



Nov 14, 2016 La Posta Vecchia
La Posta Vecchia near Rome, Italy
One more gem just discovered in Italy, worth your visit through and through, great place for pre/post flight from/to Fiumicino - just 20 min car ride from airport, and you are in heaven of La Posta Vecchia (Old Post translated from Italian). Heard about it a lot, but that was my first time to explore, and you have my best recommendations. This is a sister property of iconic Il Pelicano hotel, but much more discreet, for those who are in the know.
Fantastic to re-connect with old friend Marco Filippi, La Posta Vecchia manager.
Place to unwind, get used for different time zone, where time doesn’t exist, the sea is dreamily splashing right through your window, and old walls are whispering their old secrets. Interiors look posh but inviting, plush sofas in living rooms are waiting for you to seat comfortably with glass of wine, and swimming pool is open 24 hours in case you are bothered by get lag. 
Mind old-fashion bathrooms, stunningly beautiful but not American standard comfortable. 
Nov 14, 2016
Ibiza, Spain

Another delightful corner of Europe to explore: Ibiza island, part of Balearic archipelago, Spain. It is famous for the nightlife and crazy discos, but (being quite grown out of the crazy discos) I enjoyed town of Ibiza tons. It has wonderful quality of life: easy going, tiny bit of a hippy flavour (rather upscale), fluent elegance, a bit of San Tropez, a bit of Capri, still Ibiza through and through. You probably will hear more of Italian language around than Spanish, at least in up-scale restaurants and bars - there is a big Italian community mostly occupied in F&B industry. Old and new town are equally well kept and full of happening. Dozens and dozens of charming little restaurants, bars, coffee shops, boutiques, most are very creative in design and food, beach clubs from basic to chic, everything is pretty much walking distance. Luxury hotels are only on the way, but they are coming. 

Nov 09, 2016 Villa Dubrovnik

First time visiting Dubrovnik, Croatia, as a beginning of another full month of travel in Europe. Love the area already on the way from airport. The city of Dubrovnik is not just stunningly beautiful, it is also very well taken care of. You will meet not just scenery, centuries of history and beauty of architecture (which you would except), you will also meet high quality - in local people, in local food, wine, crafts, produce, service. Amazing that pretty much everything is local here, made in Croatia with proud of it. 

At the day time town is packed with cruise groups, the annoying reality of any sea-shore European town worth a visit. Evenings when groups are gone are fantastic. Dubrovnik is full of charming little restaurants, shops are open till late, some life music on the streets (again quite a good quality music). 
Place to stay: Villa Dubrovnik. Loved it through and through. Modern, airy, young, with nice influence of Capri, right on the sea. Don’t expect Caribbean beaches here (the coast is rocky), but Adriatic sea is exceptionally beautiful by colour, and crystal clean. So if you don’t mind to climb the stairs, you will enjoy platform beach of Villa Dubrovnik with its breathtaking views of Dubrovnik town over the water and staff ready to serve you with glass of local wine. (Great wines indeed!). 
Place to eat: restaurant Proto in old town. Recommended by my Italian friends, and no doubts happened to be the best in the city. The best scallops I ever tried. 
Be ready for some shopping. Beautiful jewellery, both traditional and modern. Some designers cloths not to miss (all local and unique!). Day market is a lot of fun with some crafts and deli. 


Nov 09, 2016
Montenegro, Aman Sveti Stefan, Regent Porto Montenegro
Short visit to Montenegro to check Virtuoso properties there. The destination can be easily combined with Dubrovnik - just couple of hours car ride, but be prepared for two passport controls on the way, Croatian and Montenegro. Both quite slow. 
Note: Croatia is a part of EU, but it has local currency Kunas. Montenegro is NOT part of EU, but the currency is Euro. No entry visas required for neither of two for Canadian or American passport holders.  
First stop: luxury resort Aman Sveti Stefan. Quite unique, and I wish I came with better weather (it was a pouring rain when I was there). Hotel is composed of charming medieval village on small picturesque island attached to the coast by narrow pedestrian pass, three pink-sand beaches, the august Villa Milocer on the mainland, large park, and spectacular spa villa echoing Villa Milocer by architecture.  
Please note there are not much in walking distance from resort except of resort itself, but resort is a gem.
Second stop: Regent Porto Montenegro. Porto Montenegro is a Puerto Banus of Montenegro if I can put it this way. New-built up-scale area of luxury yachts, high-end residential buildings, brand-name shops and fine-dining. Hotel is of really good quality, composed of regular rooms and residential suites. Loved my luxurious marina-style suite with huge terrace overlooking the marina. There is no beach, I should say, but there is a plenty of sea view, and at summer time hotel delivers guests to the beach club by water. 
Not to miss in Montenegro: medieval town of Kotor located on the only fiord of Adriatic with mountains on background. The town and the fiord are just simply stunning. 


Nov 09, 2016
Italy, Southern Tuscany, Hotel L'Andana
Back to my beloved Italy: week trip through Southern Tuscany. There is no time in this country without discovering new precious gem. This time - L’Andana in Maremma. Maremma is a land in Southern Tuscany bordering the sea, where unique combination of minerals in the soil and tiny bits of sea salt in the air created ideal conditions for my favourite wine Morellino di Scansano, very feminine by character, soft, moody and delicious. 
L’Andana is such an ideal peaceful retreat for soul and body where you feel at home from the very first moment, and where your little preferences and desires are passed from one staff member to another so smoothly that you don’ even feel served - you just feel pampered. That is what I call good service. 
Interiors are stylish and beautiful, good merge of traditional Tuscan and modern elegant. But you would want to be outside a lot, in the vineyard, and olive grove, tasting last leftovers of late grape harvest and delicious fruit on the tree which you don’t even have name for (locals will help). Lovely bike ride through vineyard and by picturesque alley of cypresses alternating with pine trees. Didn’t know that cypress portrays death, while pine tree portrays life. Together they are symbol of lives’ duality. And it looks so beautiful.
Note you are short drive from the sea which can be a treat at summer time. Yet autumn is time of delicious colours and wine and olive harvest in Tuscany, also time for porcini mushrooms and truffles! 
Aug 28, 2016 Il San Pietro di Positano

Summer is almost over, but the best season for travelling in Europe is just starting. They may call it shoulder season, but I’ll tell you the secret: it is also called velvety season: when the sun is soft as velvet, the colours of nature are rich and deep, and the sea is velvety warm. 

At the end of September - beginning of October kids are already back to school, so the swimming pools will be all yours. Towns and beaches are not overcrowded any more but still full of life. 
And, last but not least, luxury accommodation is finally getting more affordable, upgrades more possible, and hotel staff is back to normal smily routine after August madness - all yours as well! 
Plan you trip through charming Amalfi coast for October, indulge yourself with the most beautiful hotels without paying little fortune, take delight of every minute: walk narrow streets of Positano running down to the sea, take a boat trip around Capri and swim in the water which reminds liquid emerald, have glass of prosecco on the terrace of your hotel in Sorrento with nobble silhouette of Vesuvio just in front of you. 
Viva la dolce vita! 
Jul 07, 2013 Baglioni Hotels Regina Hotel Baglioni Rome
Regina Hotel Baglioni Rome unveil “Roman Penthouse”
Regina Hotel Baglioni Rome unveil “Roman Penthouse”, the best suite with 360° panoramic view over the Eternal City. Rome – June, 2013 – The Ultimate Roman Address, has unveiled the most exclusive apartment in the heart of La Dolce Vita. The stunning new ‘Roman Penthouse’ suite is located on the top floor of Regina Hotel Baglioni and allows guests to experience Rome in unparalleled luxury.
The new penthouse suite is 560m2, including 290m2 of private outdoor terraces with 360° panoramic views overlooking the Eternal City, stretching from the Sistine Chapel to the Colosseum and beyond. The penthouse suite offers an incredible level of service, including a dedicated concierge, private chef (3 hours), private barman (2 hours), and private limo service (4 hours). Guests could also enjoy external facilities as the Jacuzzi pool by Kos with chromotherapy and Technogym gym equipment. Art & Design in the Roman Penthouse: Designed by the Milanese Architects Rebosio+Spagnulo, the Roman Penthouse combines modern design with traditional Italian style. The design is enhanced by handmade craftsmanship and beautiful detailing, such as the stunning Murano glass chandeliers by Venetian Masters Vistosi and LU Murano, and design pieces from the project ‘Luxury is not a waste’ by Italian design consultant and publisher, Vincenzo Basile.
Jul 07, 2013 Bellini Club Maroma Resort and Spa - Riviera Maya, Mexico
Maroma Scores 100% in Condé Nast Traveler
We are thrilled to announce that the Kinan Spa at Maroma Resort and Spa has achieved a perfect 100 in the June issue of Condé Nast Traveler and their annual top spas issue.
The Kinan Spa scored a fantastic 100% in June's issue of Condé Nast Traveler making it 1st in Mexico and Latin America once again. The top spas issue highlighted this year's survey, which delivered 270 spas, all with scores above 80, and six with perfect 100s. The bar has been raised across the board, and spas from Costa Rica to Hawaii, and aboard 25 cruise ships, all manage to leap over that bar gracefully. Kinan is the Mayan word for the healing energy of the sun. Similar to the Asian concept of Chi, Kinan is also used to refer to an individual’s energy. Each building, spa treatment room and waterfall has been aligned to the stars to ensure positive energy flow so the body, mind and spirit are in harmony. Set among verdant jungle beside a white, sandy beach, Maroma Resort and Spa is pure escapism with a touch of Mayan magic.
Jul 07, 2013 Bellini Club Hotel Ritz Madrid - Madrid, Spain
Exciting Summer Programme at Hotel Ritz Madrid!
A lively gathering place for Spanish high society, Hotel Ritz Madrid is a constant buzz of activity: its leafy outdoor terrace is especially popular for a traditional summer Sunday brunch following a stroll in the adjacent Retiro Park.
This year Hotel Ritz Madrid have designed a summer programme at the Ritz Garden with treats to delight and entertain guests in authentic Spanish style. If your guests wish to enjoy a relaxed yet refined ambiance, the Ritz Garden is where they will be able to enjoy the Afterwork Evenings with live music during June, July and September. Every Tuesday: Gin Tonic Sessions Every Wednesday: Moët & Jazz Every Thursday: Soul & Elit by Stolichnaya Vodka Luxury awaits guests at Hotel Ritz Madrid, the decadent Terrace and Garden are the perfect settings for a delightful "al fresco" lunch or dinner or to sample the famous Spanish tapas. The summer season is the perfect time for travellers to discover Madrid's surroundings "in style" with the help of Hotel Ritz Madrid. A few exciting summer highlights guests may like to become involved with in Madrid this year: June: Summer Party Time On weekends: Festival of Antique Music: Concerts of baroque and Renaissance music using period instruments take place in the chapel, theatre and grounds of the Royal Palace. The exquisite guided musical walks have pauses for concerts along the way. 9th to 13th June: San Antonio de la Florida festival is on. The city's biggest street party. July: At the Height of Summer. During July and August the town-hall organises a series of cultural events for what they call "Veranos de la Villa", Summer in the Village. These include a series of outdoor films and concerts from flamenco style to rock & roll all summer long. Plenty of these shows take place in the beautiful "Sabatini Gardens", located in the Royal Palace. The Terrace at Hotel Ritz Madrid is the perfect place to relax while listening to the live piano music in the Ritz Garden, an oasis in the very middle of the city. It is the perfect time for guests to book the Celebration package at Ritz Madrid, which includes an enjoyable candlelight dinner in the magic Terrace, a bottle of cava in the room and a celebratory gift to take home. Enjoy a beautiful summer in the Spanish capital with a stay at Hotel Ritz Madrid.
Jun 06, 2013 Oetker Hotel Management Company Le Bristol Hotel Paris
Summertime at Le Bristol
I am delighted to welcome all guests to this Eden in the centre of Paris. In these summer days Le Bristol's celebrated garden 'à la française' reveals its true beauty, with sunlight splashing over the white cobbles and fresh green lawn.
Guests will also discover a unique haven of gastronomy at Le Bristol which is leading the Michelin accolades amongst the Parisian palace hotels, being crowned with no less than four coveted stars. Le Bristol's Epicure restaurant has held three Michelin stars since 2009 and now the hotel's brasserie de luxe, the 114 Faubourg, has been honoured with a Michelin star. Le Bar du Bristol, the essential location for a Parisian soirée, and Spa Le Bristol by La Prairie are invitations to enjoy l'art de vivre à la française. It is an immense pleasure for the team at Le Bristol and me to introduce you to this exceptional place, the quintessence of French luxury and refinement. Didier Le Calvez President and General Manager Le Bristol Paris
Jun 06, 2013 Castello del Nero Castello del Nero Hotel & Spa
Located in the former stables of Castello del Nero, La Torre Restaurant showcases all that is best about Tuscan gastronomy and Italian , and stands out amongst restaurants in the Chianti region. Our Maitre D’, Tiziano Siggillino, personally welcomes guests to the restaurant, and together with his team, takes pleasure in introducing them to the pleasures of our Tuscan menus. Open for breakfast and dinner, La Torre restaurant offers an American buffet breakfast which features a vast array of fruits, cereals, cheeses and homemade breads and pastries as well as breakfast cooked to order.
Innovative yet traditional à la carte menus, devised by our Executive Chef Giovanni Luca di Pirro, are served at lunch and dinner, and highlight all that is best about dining in Tuscany. Di Pirro’s signature dishes based on typical Tuscan flavours and made with fresh local products showcase the very finest Tuscan traditions and flavours. Of course, the menu also includes many other Italian and international dishes. The central feature of the elegant dining space is the exquisitely decorated fireplace which complements the high arched ceilings and terracotta tiled floors. This restaurant in Tuscany boasts spectacular views through its large French windows which overlook the panoramic terrace and the breathtaking landscape of the Castello del Nero estate. This estate produces its own red wine and extra virgin olive oil which simply must be tasted on a visit to this gastronomic sanctuary. For those who want to explore Tuscan cuisine in more detail the hotel can also arrange a course of cooking lessons during your stay. In summer time you can dine on the enchanting Garden Terrace just opposite the La Torre restaurant and enjoy the quintessential experience of traditional al fresco style dining in Tuscany. LA TORRE RESTAURANT BY THE POOL - BBQ LUNCH During the summer, our lunch service moves from The Bar to the pool area (weather permitting). A surprising BBQ menu will enable you to choose among a mouth-watering selection of meat, fish and vegetables, grilled the way you like. Opening hours: 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm.
May 05, 2013 Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Four Seasons Hotel George V
Secrets of a Michelin-Starred Chef at Four Seasons Hotel George V
Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris launches a new experience and invites its guests to discover a typical Parisian market with Michelin-starred Chef Eric Briffard.
From April to October, Eric Briffard, Chef of the prestigious two Michelin-starred Le Cinq at Four Seasons Hotel George V, organizes monthly visits to a nearby Parisian food market: a unique opportunity to interact with the Chef and meet some of his suppliers and vegetable growers, and find out how he selects his products. The idea comes from Christian Clerc, the new General Manager and Regional Vice President of Four Seasons Hotel George V: "There is nothing more typical of France than to discover a food market with the colourful stalls, meet the merchants and hear them talk about their products with passion, and the market's convivial atmosphere that instantly puts you in a good mood. We wanted to give our guests the opportunity to visit a typical Parisian market with a great Chef." The morning starts with an early departure from the lobby of the Hotel where each participant is given a basket. The experience is offered to a limited group of people to allow more interaction and intimacy. A short walk away, the market displays its diversity of vegetable growers, cheese makers and butchers, and the visit can start. While strolling through the aisle of the market, Chef Briffard shares his secrets to recognizing the best products that one can find in his delicious recipes. Once the market visit is finished, guests and Chef meet in the kitchen to attend an informal and convivial recipe demonstration. Dressed with an apron and a toque – the famous Chef's hat – each participant is invited to participate in the preparation of the dish until fully completed and ready to taste, with a glass of Champagne. This new experience is held once per month and is available exclusively to guests of the Hotel or restaurant Le Cinq, upon reservation.
May 05, 2013 Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas
Hot Day and Nightlife Venues Debut at Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas
This summer, Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas guests don't have to leave the property to experience the newest venues in the entertainment and nightlife capital of the world. Multiple day and nightlife venues will debut at Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas and the adjacent Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino between now and July 2013.
PRESS, the eagerly anticipated indoor/outdoor bar at Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas, opened May 3, 2013, serving up fun food and drink offerings morning through late night inside or on the chic outdoor patio overlooking the Hotel's private pool. When the sun sets on the Las Vegas Strip, the spirited environment at PRESS provides a lively space to connect before or after a show or a night on the town. PRESS features hand-crafted speakeasy cocktails and 20 wines by the glass. Guests can mingle bar side or on the patio, which features a sleek, neutral colour palette, two gas fire pits and comfortable sofa seating. At the adjacent Mandalay Bay, Daylight Beach Club, the Strip's newest pool party opening May 22, 2013, will showcase the energy that defines the Vegas pool scene. This sprawling day club will feature a main pool surrounded by three wet decks taking up 50,000 square feet (4,600 square metres) of outdoor space. Guests select from 70 daybeds, dozens of cabanas and two bungalows for relaxation. A star-studded line up of resident DJs will perform on an enormous stage framed by six LED screens. Eclipse at Daylight Beach Club is a series of night time concerts set to launch the same day. Not to be outdone, LIGHT, the innovative nightclub conceived by Cirque Du Soleil, will offer its own brand of Vegas nightlife when it opens at Mandalay Bay on Memorial Day weekend. The enormous nightclub will feature Cirque Du Soleil performers suspended from the ceiling and a levitating DJ booth where a roster of world-class DJs will spin nightly. If a Vegas-style show is more appealing, Cirque Du Soleil has even more in store. Michael Jackson ONE is the new resident show inspired by the "King of Pop's" life and music deubuting at Mandalay Bay on May 23, 2013. This thrilling, state-of-the-art visual and audio experience will create a theatrical evocation of Michael Jackson's creative genius.
May 05, 2013 Clayoquot Wilderness Resort news letter Clayoquot Wilderness Resort
Wilderness, Wine and Adventure Weekend
Actor, producer and radio host Terry David Mulligan, Canadian singer and song writer Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo and the wine makers from Frances’ M. Chapoutier and the Okanagan’s Le Vieux Pin are helping launch our 2013 (June - September) season.
Partial proceeds from the launch weekend will go to support the remote beach clean-up efforts due to the floating debris caused by the 2011 Japanese tsunami that the resort is doing this year alongside the Ahousaht First Nations and Atleo Air, a locally owned seaplane and heli-copter operator. This culinary weekend will tantalize your taste buds by featuring tastings and pairings with some great Canadian music and all the great Clayoquot adventure activities all rolled into our 3 night program from June 6-9, 2013.
May 05, 2013 Clayoquot Wilderness Resort news letter Clayoquot Wilderness Resort
September only – It’s a Heli of an Adventure!
New this year and in September only, we are offering heli-hiking, heli-photography and heli-sightseeing included in our 3, 4 and 7 night packages.
Now with the aid of a helicopter you can hike on remote glaciers, take a tour of beautiful Clayoquot Sound to see the UNESCO Biosphere from a bird’s eye view, or take your camera for a photography session. All guided and in some of the most spectacular scenery on the west coast! This is the perfect time to book your beautiful September vacation with us. See you in September!
May 05, 2013 Park Hyatt Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome
Opened in 2009, the Ambassador Suites #250 and #550 were a resounding success! This is why, with our aim to meet and exceed your expectations, we have created three new Ambassador Suites, boasting 110 square meters of luxury, furnished with elegant materials such as mahogany, fine decoration, and especially designed to make you feel at home.
Ed Tuttle, the hotel architect, designed each of these suites with a cosy and unique feel, along the same artistic lines that he already succeeded in creating in other areas of the palace hotel. Art lovers and hotel guests of Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme can rediscover our suites and savour the five-star experience, on each of the hotel floors.
Mar 03, 2013 Bellini Club Maroma Resort and Spa - Riviera Maya, Mexico
Maroma Scores 100% in Condé Nast Traveler
We are thrilled to announce that the Kinan Spa at Maroma Resort and Spa has achieved a perfect 100 in the June issue of Condé Nast Traveler and their annual top spas issue.
The Kinan Spa scored a fantastic 100% in June's issue of Condé Nast Traveler making it 1st in Mexico and Latin America once again. The top spas issue highlighted this year's survey, which delivered 270 spas, all with scores above 80, and six with perfect 100s. The bar has been raised across the board, and spas from Costa Rica to Hawaii, and aboard 25 cruise ships, all manage to leap over that bar gracefully. Kinan is the Mayan word for the healing energy of the sun. Similar to the Asian concept of Chi, Kinan is also used to refer to an individual’s energy. Each building, spa treatment room and waterfall has been aligned to the stars to ensure positive energy flow so the body, mind and spirit are in harmony. Set among verdant jungle beside a white, sandy beach, Maroma Resort and Spa is pure escapism with a touch of Mayan magic.
Mar 03, 2013 Bellini Club Maroma Resort and Spa - Riviera Maya, Mexico
Fit and Relaxed at Maroma!
Set among verdant jungle beside a white, sandy beach, Maroma Resort and Spa is pure escapism with a touch of Mayan magic. This paradise is one of the Yucatan’s hidden gems, a haven of well-being where you can start the day with yoga and end with a session in a traditional temazcal sauna.
Kinan Spa is now offering the state-of-the-art Kinesis Stations line from Technogym inside it’s 120 sqm fitness center. With Kinesis Stations guests will experience a new way of working out with Intuitive Functional Movement. Easy to use, the Kinesis Stations combine the benefits of functional strength with the simplicity of more conventional equipment to allow users to advance progressively from a guided and easy routine to a more natural training. Comprised of six attractive design stations guests can enjoy a wide variety of exercises and progressions, free and without limitations, to be performed either completely independently or in the presence of Maroma’s personal trainer. It includes: Patented 3D Full Gravity technology Full Technogym cardiovascular equipment Variety of treadmills, crossovers and bikes. Technogym has been the Official Equipment Supplier for the 2000 Sydney, 2004 Athens, 2006 Turin, 2008 Beijing and the upcoming 2012 London Olympic Games. Maroma’s unique Kinan spa experiences are now enhanced with an optimal fitness program to truly begin the healing from within. The equipment provides a complete and total body training that establishes the correct balance between body and mind, improving quality of life. Our fitness center is open daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Mar 03, 2013 Bellini Club Hotel Hesperia Madrid
Exciting Summer Programme at Hotel Ritz Madrid!
A lively gathering place for Spanish high society, Hotel Ritz Madrid is a constant buzz of activity: its leafy outdoor terrace is especially popular for a traditional summer Sunday brunch following a stroll in the adjacent Retiro Park. This year Hotel Ritz Madrid have designed a summer programme at the Ritz Garden with treats to delight and entertain guests in authentic Spanish style.
If your guests wish to enjoy a relaxed yet refined ambiance, the Ritz Garden is where they will be able to enjoy the Afterwork Evenings with live music during June, July and September. Every Tuesday: Gin Tonic Sessions Every Wednesday: Moët & Jazz Every Thursday: Soul & Elit by Stolichnaya Vodka Luxury awaits guests at Hotel Ritz Madrid, the decadent Terrace and Garden are the perfect settings for a delightful "al fresco" lunch or dinner or to sample the famous Spanish tapas. The summer season is the perfect time for travellers to discover Madrid's surroundings "in style" with the help of Hotel Ritz Madrid. A few exciting summer highlights guests may like to become involved with in Madrid this year: June: Summer Party Time On weekends: Festival of Antique Music: Concerts of baroque and Renaissance music using period instruments take place in the chapel, theatre and grounds of the Royal Palace. The exquisite guided musical walks have pauses for concerts along the way. 9th to 13th June: San Antonio de la Florida festival is on. The city's biggest street party. July: At the Height of Summer. During July and August the town-hall organises a series of cultural events for what they call "Veranos de la Villa", Summer in the Village. These include a series of outdoor films and concerts from flamenco style to rock & roll all summer long. Plenty of these shows take place in the beautiful "Sabatini Gardens", located in the Royal Palace. The Terrace at Hotel Ritz Madrid is the perfect place to relax while listening to the live piano music in the Ritz Garden, an oasis in the very middle of the city. It is the perfect time for guests to book the Celebration package at Ritz Madrid, which includes an enjoyable candlelight dinner in the magic Terrace, a bottle of cava in the room and a celebratory gift to take home. Enjoy a beautiful summer in the Spanish capital with a stay at Hotel Ritz Madrid.
Oct 10, 2012 Pelican Post La Posta Vecchia
Packages and offers
"Harvest & gourmet": Summer is over and it is now time to enjoy the new season with some relax and good wine. Our new packages dedicated to gourmands and wine connoisseurs "Autumn colors" at Il Pellicano and "Harvest & gourmet" at La Posta Vecchia, offer a unique opportunity to enjoy the arrival of the autumn with a sejour in one of our hotels, dinner at our Michelin starred restaurants, visits and wine tasting at some of the best wineries in the area.
"Wellbeing secrets": Discover this new intensive wellness experience at La Posta Vecchia. The "Wellbeing secrets" package offers the possibility to learn the techniques of massage's art and of the right mixing of oils, salts and clay used for the treatment. After all this enjoy a relaxing massage immersed in a dream made of soft lights and harmonious notes. Perfect idea also for couples wanting to learn the art of a perfect massage and to continue sharing moments of deep relaxation also at home. EARLY BIRD: Since our 2012 season is nearly ending, this is the perfect time to start thinking about holidays again! Take advantage of our early bird offer for your clients to enjoy the delicacies of our 1 Michelin star restaurant The Cesar, the breathtaking views over the Tyrrhenian sea and the intimacy of Il Pellicano and La Posta Vecchia, all with a 25% discount on our published rates in low season. Book now at Il Pellicano or at La Posta Vecchia.
Oct 10, 2012 Virtuoso Claridge's
Art Deco Jewel in Mayfair
Step through the revolving doors at Claridge's and enter a world of stunning Art Deco design and flawless service unmatched anywhere else in London. As a Virtuoso guest, receive a room upgrade upon arrival, if available; breakfast for two daily; and a GBP 60 credit to be used in one of the hotel bars or restaurants or in the spa. Contact your Virtuoso travel advisor for best available room rates. Available throughout 2012.
Oct 10, 2012 Virtuoso Le Bristol Hotel Paris
Elegance Defined in Paris
Michelin-starred dining at Epicure, magnificent gardens, the new trendy Bar du Bristol and a sought-after location on the elegant rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore – the stage is set for your stay at Le Bristol Paris, one of the City of Light's most historic and adored hideaways. Virtuoso guests receive a guaranteed room upgrade upon arrival; American breakfast for two daily; and more. Contact your Virtuoso travel advisor for best available room rates. Available throughout 2012.
Oct 10, 2012 Virtuoso Le Meurice Paris
Prime Room Rates in Paris
Now's the perfect time to visit Le Meurice. Room rates are starting at EUR 790 (approx. $1,018) and include a room upgrade upon arrival, if available; breakfast daily; a EUR 85 dining credit and more. Each of the seven floors has its own distinct style, and outside the Tuileries Garden and the Musée du Louvre vie for your attention. Contact your Virtuoso travel advisor to book your stay. Available throughout 2013.
Sep 09, 2012 Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver Shangri-La Vancouver
Vancouver's Only Five Diamond Hotel
Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver has received the coveted AAA Five Diamond Award ® designation for 2012, the travel authority's highest rating for hotels and restaurants. This is the first time the hotel has received the distinction and it marks Vancouver's only Five Diamond hotel.
"The Five-Diamond recognition is one we accept with humility and pride," said Vito Romeo, general manager, Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver. "It is tremendous recognition of our hotel facilities and amenities, but more importantly of our staff, who are dedicated and passionate ambassadors for the Shangri-La brand, the city of Vancouver and our hospitality profession." Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver joins a select group representing the upper echelon of the hospitality industry. Hotels that achieve the coveted Five AAA Diamonds are recognized for their delivery of exceptional guest service, luxurious accommodation, superior facilities and personalized amenities, according to AAA. For 2012, only 126 lodgings and 53 restaurants received the Five Diamond Rating. These establishments account for just 0.3 percent of the total 59,000 AAA Approved and Diamond Rated lodgings and restaurants across the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. "AAA is pleased to recognize Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver as an exemplary member of the travel industry," said Michael Petrone, director of AAA Tourism Information Development. "The ability to provide the highest level of hospitality in luxurious surroundings is what the Five Diamond Rating is all about. To achieve and maintain superior standards including personalized services for every guest on a daily basis is a remarkable accomplishment." "What an incredible and well-deserved accomplishment for the Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver," said Rick Antonson, CEO of Tourism Vancouver. "The return of the AAA Five Diamond status to Vancouver is significant not only for the hotel, but for the city. It underscores Vancouver as a luxury destination and shows that the city can command occupancy and rate at the five-star level."
Sep 09, 2012 Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Four Seasons Hotel Milano
Four Seasons Hotel Milano Opens the Door to New Spa
Among brick walls and 200-year-old vaulted ceilings in a 15th century former convent, renowned designer Patricia Urquiola has created a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere removed from the noise of the city. The new Four Seasons Hotel Milano Spa is a peaceful sanctuary with seven treatment rooms, a swimming pool, a Turkish bath, sauna, Scottish shower, fitness studio and signature hair spa.
Under Urquiola’s direction, the interior design incorporates materials that are native to Italy and unique in design, from warming stones to wooden walls etched with a beautiful pattern. Through a combination of warm colors and design techniques such as serigraphy, the Spa creates a relaxing environment for guests. Four Seasons Hotel Milano invites its guests to experience luxury product houses La Prairie and Sodashi at the Spa. La Prairie combines the science and innovation of the 21st century with the art of cosmetics and thermal spa experience to develop offers that extend beyond traditional spa treatments. For example, the Spa offers the very exclusive Caviar Firming treatment, which uses caviar pearls to firm the skin and make it soft and silky. La Prairie products will also be used in a range of massage and relaxation techniques at the Spa. Sodashi is the ideal choice for those seeking a Holistic and organic approach to beauty, as these products offer a combination of natural elements, plant extracts and essential oils. One treatment available at the Spa is Samadara, an anti-age ritual that takes advantage of the Ayurvedica philosophy to reactivate the vital energy of the skin, hydrating, regenerating and nurturing, using Sodashi products. The elasticity and consistency of the skin improves, diminishing the signs of age. In addition to these products, the Spa features a contemporary hair spa by the renowned Rossano Ferretti, creator of the innovative “Methodo” cut. The fitness area, which offers a personal trainer and yoga lessons, is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment from Technogym. The new Spa will initially be open exclusively to Hotel guests and will open to non-guests late fall. Exclusive Preferred Partner Amenities: Daily full American breakfast for two people per bedroom, served through In-Room Dining or in the Hotel restaurant (including buffets) Food and beverage credit of USD100 Upgrade of one category, based on availability at time of check-in (excluding signature suites and villas) Welcome note at check-in acknowledging you and your travel agency and the amenities that are being extended Complimentary high-speed Internet access for all suite bookings
Sep 09, 2012 Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Four Seasons Hotel Prague
Four Seasons Hotel Prague Unveils New Look as a Part of a Six-Year Remodeling Program
Four Seasons Hotel Prague, an assembly of three historic buildings and one new building on the banks of the Vltava River in the Old City, is continuing to evolve the guest experience through design with the unveiling of newly decorated rooms by French designer Pierre-Yves Rochon in its Neo-Classical building.
Neo-Classical Building Rooms The new décor of the rooms located in the Neo-Classical building, which dates back to 1827, is indigenous to the architectural style and respects the history of the building. The color scheme and style is different from those in the Hotel's Modern, Baroque and Renaissance structures. Dominating shades are beige and gold, complementing classical style furnishings in dark brown. Romantic city views, Czech crystal chandeliers and white and gold wallpaper gives guests the feeling of warmth and grandeur of Old Europe. Six Year Project “The remodeling project is a testament to our commitment to constantly innovate and most importantly to always enhance the high quality of the guest experience," says Rene Beauchamp, General Manager of Four Seasons Hotel Prague. "Our visitors now have a choice of contemporary, Renaissance, Baroque and Neo-Classical designs. The response so far has been very positive, especially from our return guests who now have an opportunity to choose a different experience – depending on the purpose of their stay or current preferences." It’s all part of a six-year remodeling project for Four Seasons Hotel Prague that celebrates Czech tradition while creating a thoroughly modern place to stay, dine and meet in Prague. Throughout the Hotel’s public areas, contemporary works by Czech artists hint at the future of the city’s continuing design evolution. The lobby and Renaissance, Modern and Baroque buildings with Presidential Suite phases are complete, and remodeling of the last few suites in the Modern Building will follow this autumn. Redesign of the Hotel's new urban chic restaurant CottoCrudo was completed in March 2012. Exclusive Preferred Partner Amenities: Daily full American breakfast for two people per bedroom, served through In-Room Dining or in the Hotel restaurant (including buffets) Food and beverage credit of USD100 Upgrade of one category, based on availability at time of check-in (excluding signature suites and villas) Welcome note at check-in acknowledging you and your travel agency and the amenities that are being extended Complimentary high-speed Internet access for all suite bookings
Aug 08, 2012 Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Four Seasons Hotel Florence
Catering Manager Elisa Peroli helps brides and grooms plan their important day. Elisa Peroli is often asked about colours and flowers for weddings at Four Seasons Hotel Firenze. “White verging on creamy pearl seems to be the bride-to-be’s favourite colour lately, while exotic orchids have been taking the place of the classic rose. The bouquet itself usually comes in a range of colours from white to pink, whatever the bride’s age.”
Elisa is Catering Manager at Four Seasons Hotel Firenze, and has been recently named Catering Salesperson of the Year 2011 for Europe, Africa and the Middle East by Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. The young manager has worked at Four Seasons hotels throughout the world, from London to Los Angeles, Doha to Alexandria, for the past fifteen years. “Thanks to my job, not only am I able to meet every day with people planning one of the major events in a couple’s life, but I work with a large and varied staff that can satisfy all the future couple’s needs. We do our best to make the wedding day of people busy with their lives and jobs run smoothly and beautifully.” At the complete disposal of the bride and groom and their guests are not only the Gherardesca Park with view of the Dome and wonderful frescoed rooms, but also a skilled and experienced staff including hairdresser, flower designer Vincenzo Dascanio, a dressmaker and Executive Chef Vito Mollica. “In 2011, we celebrated more than thirty wedding ceremonies, and many are already reserved for next year. Many couples, both Italian and foreign, choose Four Seasons Hotel Firenze as their wedding location, especially in the months of May, June and September.”
Aug 08, 2012 Shaw Media Inc., 2012. Fairmont Pacific Rim
Top 6 Swankiest Hotel Bars in Vancouver
Season 1 of The Real Housewives of Vancouver has shown the world a new side of British Columbia’s gorgeous city-by-the-sea: the swanky side! From Ferraris and facials to glitzy car shows and high-priced ponies, Vancouver is proving itself a playground for the rich and fabulous. Want to get in on all the glam without breaking the bank? One of the best ways to rub shoulders with the city’s glitterati and soak up the high life is at a swanky hotel bar. Swing by one of these five-star hangouts and you may just run into a Real Housewife — out, and on the prowl.
Lobby Lounge at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Since this swish, ocean-side hotel opened in 2010, the Fairmont’s Lobby Lounge has been the place to be seen in Vancouver. (Proof? The line of Mercedes, Range Rovers and, yes, Ferraris perpetually parked outside.) Sink into one of the deep leather chairs and listen as the house pianist tickles the keys on the white baby grand. After dark, guys in fedoras and gals in slinky black dresses crowd the bar for artisan cocktails like the High Kick: a belle époque–inspired blend of vanilla vodka with aperol, fresh mint and lemon ($14). Hungry? Just up the stairs, hotel restaurant ORU serves high-end Japanese/Polynesian/Argentinean fusion unlike anything you’ll find in the city. Reflections Lounge at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia This summer-only rooftop bar, perched atop the vintage 1927 Hotel Georgia, is the definition of exclusive. Wind your way through the dark lobby, hop on the private elevator and discover Reflections: a secret oasis in the midst of the city inhabited by high-flying execs, wannabe models and international high rollers. This sleek outdoor space looks like a backdrop to a Cosmo photo shoot: low-slung tables, fluttering curtains and cabanas, warmed by a blazing fire pit. But it’s not all eye candy. The tapas-style menu (most items around $10) is a greatest hits list of Vancouver cuisine, offering everything from organic scallops sourced from the Gulf Islands to artisan cheeses from the Okanagan Valley. As for cocktails, the signature Hotel Georgia ($12) is not to be missed: a silky smooth blend of Plymouth Gin, egg white, nutmeg and orange blossom water, first mixed up at the hotel when it opened in the 1920s. Xi Shi Lounge at the Shangri La Hotel Just off of Alberni Street (Vancouver’s mini Rodeo Drive), Xi Shi offers an Asian twist on the classy hotel bar. Cocktail waitresses in traditional hand-tailored Mandarin gowns make the rounds, serving up unique cocktails like the Iron Lotus ($12; Belvedere vodka, elderflower, ginger and sparkling wine). Intimate and surprisingly unpretentious, Xi Shi heats up at night with live jazz. The Keefer Bar at The Keefer Suites Think of The Keefer Bar as swank for the hipster set. This dark, conspiratorial lounge is attached to the same-named boutique hotel, which has just three (exquisite 2,400-square-foot) suites. Inside, the narrow room is dominated by a long bar and decorated in the style of a turn-of-the-century Chinese opium den. The Keefer regularly hosts retro cabaret shows and also serves some very original, handcrafted cocktails (which it calls “prescriptions”), including the Lao Baixing ($11; aged cachaça, aperol, licorice plum syrup and lime). Bacchus Lounge at the Wedgewood Hotel Dominated by dark wood and red velvet banquettes, Bacchus is Vancouver’s consummate classy piano bar. A favourite happy-hour hangout for downtown execs and traveling jet-setters, the atmospheric lounge screams old money and Continental tastes. Cozy up to the piano and sip on something from the bar’s award-winning wine list. My summer suggestion: a refreshing rose from British Columbia’s Tantalus winery, $14.50 per glass. Opus Bar at the Opus Hotel Quite possibly the only bar in Vancouver where you’ll find a line of limos outside on a random Tuesday night, Opus is a true celebrity hotspot (not to mention a personal favourite of Roberto Luongo and other Canucks stars). The bar is located inside the boutique Opus Hotel in the heart of the hip Yaletown warehouse district. If you can make it past the doorman and long queue outside, you’ll discover a dark, seductive space filled with designer furniture and young, beautiful people dressed to kill. Staying true to Vancouver’s cocktail culture, Opus serves some inventive, handcrafted drinks like the Opusition ($12; passion fruit liqueur, fresh grapefruit juice, local brut and poached pineapple).
Aug 08, 2012 THE RITZ LONDON The Ritz London
Laurent-Perrier Bicentenary Dinner in September
As with The Ritz, Laurent-Perrier is the proud holder of a Royal Warrant from His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales and enjoys a name that is synonymous with unsurpassed excellence, a proud heritage and unabashed luxury. This year, the House of Laurent-Perrier celebrates its greatly anticipated bicentenary, yet another gold-medal victory at The RHS Chelsea Flower Show and its continued reputation for producing some of the finest and most diverse ranges of Champagne.
We are delighted therefore to be able to present an exclusive evening at The Ritz together with the House of Laurent-Perrier and in honour of this special occasion, the Hotel's Executive Chef John Williams MBE has created a remarkable four course menu paired with some of the finest offerings from Laurent-Perrier. The Laurent-Perrier Bicentenary Dinner (£275 per person) will be held on Wednesday, 19th September 2012 in the magnificent 18th century surroundings of William Kent House, commencing with a Champagne and canapé reception in the Marie Antoinette Suite and followed by dinner in The Music Room. Mr Bernard de La Giraudière, Laurent-Perrier's Chairman, will be on hand to advise how best to appreciate the differing styles of the Champagnes which, combined with the culinary expertise of the Chef's menu, promises a unique and memorable dining experience.
Aug 08, 2012 Cristallo Hotel Spa & Golf Cristallo Hotel Spa & Golf
Gli Album del Cristallo News
The 15th of August is coming up, and with it the most sophisticated food and wine event of the summer, in the shade of the Tofane Mountains. Ferragustando (a play on the words “Ferragosto”, the name of the Italian August bank holiday, and “gustando”, Italian for tasting) is open to all gourmets, including those not holidaying at the Cristallo Hotel Spa & Golf. The event will be held at the luxury five-star hotel’s La Terrazza, which this year has been transformed into an open-air restaurant serving light meals and barbeques. A stunning backdrop offers the thrill of a breathtaking view of the Dolomites alongside the pleasure of truly good food. The restaurant serves a genuine 5-star taste itinerary through the best in Italian cuisine.
The chef Marco Badalucci’s grilled meat special includes top quality, mouth-wateringly tender meats, cooked to order. To start with, taster dishes, arranged on an impeccable centrepiece, include aniseed flavoured prawns and jasmine ice cream. Another speciality are the zero food mile hamburgers made with lentil and Swiss chard, picked directly by the kitchen staff on the nearby Monte Cristallo. The first course consists of the renowned Casunziei Cristallo, with gorgonzola and cardamom sauce, while the second course comprises the chef’s mixed grill. To end, the delicious Torta di Mare (Sea Cake) will titillate the palate, accompanied by a rich selection of ice creams and sorbets. Ferragustando: Tuesday 15 August, from 12:00 noon Live music with the Cadore Orchestra Cost per person: 50 euro, beverage included. For the midsummer week the Cristallo Hotel offers a special promotion to guests who prefer to steer clear from the summer heat and opt for a fresh and milder temperature, to enjoy the relax that mountains only can offer. Rate starting from Euro 244, per person, in a double room The rate is per day, per person for a minimum lengths of stay of 7 nights and includes: Grand Buffet breakfast, Fruits at guest arrival, Shuttle service to and from Cortina, free entrance at the Wellness spa with heated Swimmingpool with view on Tofane mountains, Solarium Plein Air, Thermarium (Sauna, Relaxarium, Whirpool, Turkisch bath) and Fitwell Club, Wi-Fi Internet Connection, Service, tax and 10% VAT The offer is valid for a limited number of rooms and cannot be combined with any ongoing promotions.
Aug 08, 2012 Fairmont Pacific Rim Fairmont Pacific Rim
Rim Report
R O A M Sometimes it is the small things that make the biggest impact. This is certainly the case with Fairmont Pacific Rim's art and architecture program which we encourage you to explore via our self guided tour. The art tour showcases the various unique art and architecture that define our hotel, contributing to Vancouver's robust public art presence. Pick up a brochure at concierge and explore at your own pace.
S I P + S A V O R oru cuisine introduces a new addition to the nightly line-up - a bite that cannot be missed; oru's customized Cheese Cart experience. Loved by 'fromage' aficionados, this exclusive cart makes the palate quiver as an unexpected delight arrives to the table. Once the main course is cleared, an array of local cheeses including hard, ripe, soft and blue are served. Dine at oru and post dinner enjoy reserved seating in the Lobby Lounge. W I N E D O W N Wine-down (adj.) - to relax after a period of excitement or stress, with a glass of Italian wine, on a patio, at giovane. Wine-down with sommelier Jill Spoor's wine of the month Lugana Riserva Sergio Zenato DOC 2008. Trebbiano di Lugana is the unique grape variety in this irresistibly luscious wine from the region of Veneto. Zenato, already very well respected for their prized reds, does not disappoint with this reserve white. R O C K T H E R I M Get ready to Rock the Rim. Fairmont Hotels & Resorts in partnership with EMI Music present 'Sounds of Fairmont' featuring iconic Canadian artist, Colin James. Follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter to see how you can win two tickets to the Monday, August 27th exclusive reception and concert followed by great entertainment in Lobby Lounge. B A L A N C E In need of some balance in your life? Balance your spirit, body and mind with Willow Stream's Balance Body treatment which includes a foot bath, hydrating oatmeal with honey scrub and an uplifting massage. For additional tranquility curl up in one of our meditation/relaxation pods on the spa terrace.
Aug 08, 2012 Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Four Seasons Hotel George V
Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris Introduces New Penthouse Suite
“Imagine you are a wealthy businessperson who bought a luxury space on the 8th floor of the George V. How would you like it designed and turned into an elegant and contemporary apartment offering the most stunning views of the City of Light?”
This was the pitch Christopher Norton, Four Seasons Hotel George V General Manager and Regional Vice President, gave interior designer Pierre-Yves Rochon when he asked him to create what was going to be the Hotel's new Penthouse Suite. A place where time would not exist anymore, meant to fulfill the most discerning guests’ wishes to experience Paris like never before. With six terraces offering a 360-degree view of Paris and 1,630 square feet of pure luxury, this new Penthouse confirms the landmark Hotel's intention to pursue its search for excellence by constantly reinventing itself. Designed as a real Parisian pied-à-terre, the Penthouse Suite offers a romantic hideaway among Paris rooftops. The understated, light and airy interior architecture puts the emphasis on open and elegant spaces. The soft tones of the travertine flooring are reflected in the walls decorated with sycamore and majilite, while the beautiful floral arrangements created by Jeff Leatham, the Hotel's Artistic Director, create a sense of home the moment one opens the door. Among the great surprises of the Penthouse Suite is the elegant winter garden, decorated in floral fabric and separated from the living room by a wrought iron door. At any time of the day or night it is the perfect place to enjoy a meal or drink while overlooking the Invalides, the American Cathedral and Eiffel Tower. The terrace, shaped like the bow of a ship, provides an even wider view of the City of Light: the roofs of the Madeleine, the Opera and the Pantheon are at one's feet while the Eiffel Tower seems so close one can almost touch it. From the terrace, steps lead to an intimate upper balcony perched even higher on the roof, where guests can enjoy a glass of Champagne and savor the shimmering Eiffel Tower. Another gem in this suite is the spectacular beige marble bathroom, designed to be as luxurious as a lounge. Next to the huge walk-in shower stands a grand overflow bath fitted with jets and a chromotherapy system. Elegant white orchids give the impression that the outdoor extends right into the bathroom while a large dressing room bathed in natural light is decorated like a boudoir. The brain behind this spectacular apartment is Pierre-Yves Rochon. He worked with the biggest luxury houses such as Baccarat, Lalique, Lelièvre, Edmond Petit, Veraseta and Bobic (a Slovenian company specializing in yachting) for the furnishings and fittings, demonstrating the importance he attaches to precision, aesthetics and high standards. "The aim was to redefine the idea of a hotel suite by creating a refined and inviting apartment," explains Christopher Norton. "For this haute couture work of art, I gave Mr. Rochon complete creative freedom to design a unique, infinitely sophisticated place where the boundaries between the inside and the outside would be blurred, so that nature is part of the interior and vice versa. With this in mind, we placed mirrors on certain walls of the balconies to create perspective, change the way we see common landmarks, and see Paris even when we are facing the other way. Inside, we created warm, inviting and friendly spaces on a human scale, to recreate the feel of a cozy Parisian apartment.” Exclusive Preferred Partner Amenities: Daily full American breakfast for two people per bedroom, served through In-Room Dining or in the Hotel restaurant (including buffets) Spa credit of USD100 once during stay (not applicable to products) Upgrade of one category, based on availability at time of check-in (excluding signature suites and villas) Welcome note at check-in acknowledging you and your travel agency and the amenities that are being extended Complimentary high-speed Internet access for all suite bookings
Jul 07, 2012 2012 Kempinski Hotel Baltschug Kempinski Moscow
Baltschug Kempinski Moscow Dresden Ball
The Hotel Baltschug Kempinski Moscow welcomes Germany’s ball number one – Dresden Opera Ball. The famous flair of the Semper Opera Ball in Dresden is taken for the first time to Russia: 20 October 2012 will celebrate the first Baltschug Kempinski Moscow Dresden Ball.
The beautifully decorated new ballroom, promising exclusive program, gourmet gala-dinner and high class performance - all guided by a world famous celebrity and tailor-made for the high society of Russia and international guests.
Jul 07, 2012 Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver Shangri-La Vancouver
To Market To MARKET - Farmer's Market
Now Monthly Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver staged its inaugural Farmer's Market in June on the patio of MARKET by Jean-Georges. In response to demand - from the community, farmer's and purveyors - we will be staging a monthly farmers market through September. Working with Vancouver Farmers Markets, a selection of vendors will showcase their wares, including organic vegetables, fresh fruit, homebaked breads and pastries, seafood and sausages, jellies & jams. Samplings of food and wine, along with live music make for the perfect Vancouver Sunday afternoon.
Join us to sip, savour and shop: Sunday, July 28th Sunday, August 26th Sunday, September 23rd
Jun 06, 2012 Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Four Seasons Hotel George V
Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris Collects Awards in Prestigious International Rankings
Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris has received awards from many prestigious magazines, including Gallivanter’s Guide, Business Traveller, Geo Saison, and most recently Ultratravel, a quarterly supplement of the famous English newspaper The Daily Telegraph. The magazine has named Four Seasons Hotel George V “Best in Europe” for the second consecutive year.
The prestigious ranking was revealed during a ceremony in London on May 15, 2012. This ranking, determined by the readers’ vote, is a highly regarded award in the hospitality and tourism industry. Four Seasons Hotel George V is described as "a historic hotel with an incomparable opulence" in Ultratravel. The magazine continues, "in spite of the competition of new hotels arriving in the French capital, the George V is more attractive than ever." Always striving to maintain the best quality and service, the Hotel is currently in the process of a soft renovation on all rooms and suites. The Hotel’s restaurant, Le Cinq, was also rated among the Best Restaurants in Paris in the 2012-2013 edition of the Zagat Guide for Paris restaurants, published on May 22, 2012. The Hotel received a grade of 28/30 in three different categories: Top Cuisine, Top Decor and Top Service. Le Cinq is described by Zagat as being a restaurant "where you dine royally and where the haute cuisine is faultless in osmosis with the wonderful service and surrounded by an extraordinary flower decoration - one of the most beautiful dining rooms of the capital - a sublime experience for all the senses. It is the top of the top." The Zagat rating is a wonderful recognition for Executive Chef Eric Briffard and Eric Beaumard, Director of the Restaurant as well as their respective teams. The hotel is currently offering the following Exclusive Offer for Preferred Partners this summer, in addition to the Preferred Partner amenities: For new bookings for travel from July 21-August 30, 2012, our clients will receive: 100EUR food credit to be used towards lunch Complimentary arrival limousine transfer to the hotel for any suite booking of 3 nights or longer Also, if you book a reservation over these dates in a Specialty Suite or higher category, you will be rewarded with: One complimentary night at the George V for a future stay (based on availability; valid for one year) Exclusive Preferred Partner Amenities: Daily full American breakfast for two people per bedroom, served through In-Room Dining or in the Hotel restaurant (including buffets) Spa credit of USD100 once during stay (not applicable to products) Upgrade of one category, based on availability at time of check-in (excluding signature suites and villas) Welcome note at check-in acknowledging you and your travel agency and the amenities that are being extended Complimentary high-speed Internet access for all suite bookings
Jun 06, 2012 Villa D'Este Villa La Massa, Florence
From Monday, September 10th to Sunday, September 16th 2012 After the successful edition of May, Villa La Massa invites you again to join this fascinating journey through the grand Villas and Gardens of Tuscany, in collaboration with Armand de Foucault, a Frenchman specialized in History of Gardens (Hortibus - Paris/Florence).
Armand will show us the hidden treasures of extraordinary properties - usually closed to the public - and we will meet their owners who will tell us the fascinating stories lying behind these magnificent places. Please contact me for program details and booking conditions.
Jun 06, 2012 Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul
World travellers give Four Seasons high marks. TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel website, announced that Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet was chosen as one of the winners of Top 25 Luxury Hotels in Turkey by TripAdvisor in its 2012 Travelers’ Choice awards.
The annual TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice awards honour the world’s best hotels, earning their distinction from those who know them best – real travellers. Unlike any other hotel honours, TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice winners are based on millions of valuable reviews and opinions from travellers around the world. “With the help of millions of travellers around the globe, TripAdvisor is thrilled to recognize the world’s most outstanding hotels with the Travelers’ Choice Awards,” said Christine Petersen, president, TripAdvisor for Business. “Recognizing the best of the best based on traveller feedback and reviews, value and quality are the hallmarks of our Travelers’ Choice winners.”
Jun 06, 2012 Oetker Hotel Management Company Le Bristol Hotel Paris
In exclusivity in Paris, discover the Spa Le Bristol by La Prairie “Russian Room”
Banïya is a tradition that has been part of Russian culture since medieval times. Almost every village had - and still has - its own banïya. Even until today, the perception of the banïya as a healing panacea is still common in remote villages where traditional folk medicine prevails.
A “Banïya style” Russian Room, with its heated marble table along with a private steam room offers to Le Bristol Paris guests an incomparable experience inspired from ancestral Russian culture and tradition, recognized for invigorating the body and mind. The “Venik treatment“ is one of the famous treatments inspired by Russian tradition. The blood circulation is stimulated while exfoliating and purifying the skin. This treatment begins with a private steam bath for a good sweat with dilatation of capillaries as a result. Then an invigorating massage is performed with a bundle of fragrant fresh birch branches or oak tree, soaked into a steaming hot water with essential oils. The combination of the veniks with Russian traditional massage techniques such as stroking, waggling, lashing and rubbing, leaves the body in a state of incomparable well-being. French spa brand ‘Russie Blanche’ has been selected for its performance and elegance, combining Russian tradition with French refinement and know-how. None of the products contains parabens, phenoxyethanol, artificial colors, mineral oils, silicon or any animal raw materials.
Jun 06, 2012 mailing list di Sina Hotels Hotel Brufani Palace, Perugia
Prestigious Awards
In 2012 two of the SINA Fine Italian Hotels' restaurants received prestigious awards from the Guida Michelin 2012!
The Collins Restaurant in the Brufani Palace Hotel, with its 4 forks, is Perugia's best restaurant! Chef Marco Faiella's Umbrian cuisine is revisited with skill and creativity. ...and 4 forks also went to the Antinoo's Lounge in the Centurion Palace in Venice! With Chef Massimo Livan shooting to the top of the list of the Lagoon City's restaurants, just two years after the hotel's inauguration.
Jun 06, 2012 BAGLIONI HOTELS S.p.A. Regina Hotel Baglioni Rome
Regina Hotel Baglioni, new member of Relais&Chateaux
The Art Deco residence in the heart of Via Veneto in Rome has recently been added to the Relais&Chateaux traveler's guide, which brings together only the best luxury hotels in the world.
The highest quality standards, a location full of timeless appeal, the continuous search of unique experiences, the warm and personalised service to guests according to the Made in Italy tradition of hospitality, are the elements that characterize the Regina Hotel Baglioni.
May 05, 2012 Mandarin Oriental Las vegas Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas
Blanche Collection of bridal wear
Lanvin will present its Blanche Collection of bridal wear at Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas on Sunday, June 3 from 3-5PM. Come enjoy delectable treats from the Tea Lounge and sip on bellinis and bubbles as Lanvin presents its unique collection.
May 05, 2012 The St Petersburg Times Grand Hotel Europe - St Petersburg, Russia
By Irina Titova The St. Petersburg Times Published: May 16, 2012 (Issue # 1708) St. Petersburg’s annual Museum Night will give residents and visitors the chance to check out the city’s cultural hotspots until the small hours of the morning on the night of May 19. The theme of this year’s event is “City Secrets,” because St. Petersburg museums have many secrets that are often unknown to the public, organizers said.
“Puzzling events, breathtaking stories and secrets concerning some historical pieces or even whole buildings will all become part of the Museum Night program,” the organizers said. At the Botanical Gardens, visitors will be able to wander through the flora in search of the elusive fern blossom until 6 a.m. Guides at the Yelagin Palace on Yelagin Island will share secrets about the imperial Romanov family, explain the puzzles of Rossi’s architecture and hidden signals that ladies and gentlemen exchanged during balls in the 19th century. The Gatchina State Museum in the suburb of Gatchina will share secrets from the prophesy of the monk Avel and from the burnt diaries of Empress Maria Fyodorovna. Those who visit the Leningrad Zoo will find out some of the zoo’s legends such as the story of Peter the Great’s horse, the skeleton of the blue whale and how some of the animals have starred on the silver screen. Other museums participating in the event will have their own secrets to share. At least 74 museums are taking part in this year’s event, 19 of them for the first time. Many museums will be open from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., some from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m., and others until only 11 p.m. The local event has proven highly popular in recent years, so nocturnal museum-goers should be prepared for long lines.
May 05, 2012 Gli Album del Cristallo News Cristallo Hotel Spa & Golf
Summer in the Mountains
There is a frenzy of preparation in the 5-star luxury hotel in the Dolomites, as it prepares to open for the summer on 5th July. Until 1st September, the hotel’s guests can enjoy the “Summer in the Mountains” package, the special “One more night” offer and tasty new dishes. Here is the perfect opportunity to take part in the hundreds of events in Cortina d’Ampezzo’s busy summer schedule.
The Cristallo Hotel has reserved the Summer in the Mountains package for people who wish to enjoy a long, calm holiday with every modern comfort. Guests staying for seven nights or more will have two free nights and a special price will be applied to half-board accommodation. Guests, who will be offered fruit as a welcome snack, will be able to enjoy a rich buffet breakfast and try the luxury of the Cristallo Hotel remise en forme, which includes a heated swimming pool with hydro-massage, an en plein air solarium, a Thermarium and the Fitwell Club. A customised shuttle service to and from Cortina will be offered. The special “One more night” offer is for shorter (but not less intense) holidays - guests staying at least four nights will be offered one free night. Here is yet another reason to choose the Cristallo Hotel. The delicacies prepared by the chef Marco Badalucci will provide a tasty ‘dressing’ to holidays here. The treats of the summer season are grilled meat (the classic “fiorentina” beefsteak) or grilled fish (Sicilian scampi and Sanremo prawns), which can be eaten out in the open, enjoying the sparkly summer air and a view of the Dolomites. Guests waiting for the food to cook can taste the best typical made-in-italy products, such as Burrata pugliese [a variety of cheese from Puglia] or Culatello di Zibello [a kind of cured meat].Not to miss the rich buffet and barbecue in the open air of Ferragustando party on August 15th. There is nowhere better for a romantic lunch or dinner than the La Veranda Restaurant. Every evening, the extraordinary “glass stage” of the Il Gazebo will offer hotel guests and other customers the chance to choose from a refined gourmet menu, a wonder for the eyes and palate. A holiday in the Cristallo Hotel is also the perfect occasion to be spectators in the many summer events scheduled in the Tofane Mountains. These include the Festival e Accademia Dino Ciani (this event, that lasts from 26th July to 25th August, will bring the best contemporary classical musicians to Cortina) and the Coppa d’Oro delle Dolomiti [Dolomites Gold Cup] (30th August -2nd September), the most popular competition of vintage cars of the year, now at its 65th edition. The Cristallo Hotel has been a prestigious partner in this race for years and it will host the final event of the race as the end of its summer season. During the good season the Dolomites are in full bloom and glow with a new beauty. The warm temperature offers plenty of opportunities to spend time outdoors, even at high altitudes. There are plenty of walking routes through an unspoilt natural environment with unforgettable views. Step after step, walkers will be able to reach a number of mountain shelters and rest after a long uphill trek, or they will be able to see the famous ‘malghe’ [Alpine dairy farms] where cheese is made. The Cortina Bike Resort offers biking lovers the chance to go on mountain bike outings. There are routes suitable for cyclists of all levels, with hairpin bends and breath-taking slopes. In the last week of August more than 25 music bands and folk groups from Italy and abroad will meet in Cortina for the traditional Fèŝta de ra Bàndes, which will offer plenty of musical events and will end with the procession in traditional clothes on the last Sunday of the month. A high-altitude summer and great fun are among the fantastic 5-star opportunities the Cristallo Hotel Spa & Golf is reserving for its guests, as well as the hundreds of entertainment activities that have always been available in Cortina d’Ampezzo.
Apr 04, 2012 Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Four Seasons Hotel Florence
Four Seasons Hotel Firenze Presents Sunset Concert 2012
Four Seasons Hotel Firenze Presents Sunset Concert 2012, a Charity Auction, Dinner and Musical Event on June 12. The Gherardesca Garden sets the stage for music, cuisine and Florentine handicrafts.
Florence, the city of art, known and envied throughout the world for its tradition of arts and crafts handed down from one generation to the next for centuries in the workshops and showrooms the city centre is filled with. Four Seasons Hotel Firenze, with the cooperation of Gruppo Editoriale, wishes to honour this tradition again after having published in December 2011 the Firenze su misura. Craft Shopping Guide with a charity auction of one-of-the-kind pieces created by well-known local craftsmen especially for the occasion.
 Pandolfini Casa d’Aste will take part in the event, which aims to give visibility and recognition to the arts and crafts that make Florence a city unique in its kind.
 The event will be held on Tuesday, June 12, 2012 under the Gherardesca Garden’s age-old trees at sunset, when the light is just perfect and nothing is more delightful than staying outdoors, having a drink and listening to concert, especially if it’s a charity concert. The traditional Sunset Concert will be held again this year, performed by the Orchestra of Fiesole’s Music School, one of Europe’s most prestigious music schools, made up of young boys and girls aged 10 to 17. It will be truly unique event that helps to raise money for the school and the training of young talented musicians, with a rich buffet dinner to follow, prepared as by Chef Vito Mollica and his amazing staff. Both the Sunset Concert and Handicraft Auction will be part of the 10th edition of the Tuscan Sun Festival – Festival of the Arts – program. Described by the UK’s The Independent newspaper as "one of the ten best festivals in Europe," the Festival has brought together the elite of the music, art and film world, this year taking place from June 11 to 18, 2012. With one of Italy’s most beautiful cities as the new sophisticated backdrop, and gratefully acknowledging the support of the City of Florence, the Tuscan Sun Festival will welcome top level international artists and will interact with the most important institutions in the city such as Palazzo Strozzi and the Orchestra of Maggio Musicale Fiorentino at the Teatro Nuovo. Continuing with the Tuscan Sun Festival’s aim of presenting a multi-disciplinary festival, a series of gastronomic adventures under the heading of Nuove Tradizioni will be part of the initiatives presented. Nuove Tradizioni events will feature celebrated chefs of the Italian culinary vanguard including Vito Mollica, Executive Chef of Four Seasons Hotel Firenze who will be sharing his ideas and unconventional creations with diners on Saturday, June 16. The lunch will begin with a chef’s demonstration. The demonstration will describe in detail the concept and technique behind one of the dishes prepared during the five-course lunch. Each meal will be accompanied by a carefully chosen wine pairing. The chef will be available for discussion and questions after lunch service. There are 30 reservations available creating an exclusive and informal atmosphere for the most discerning and select diners. Reservations can be made online or through the Festival ticket office. EUR 250.00 per person inclusive of food and wine. Sunset Concert and Handicraft Auction – Four Seasons Hotel Firenze When: Tuesday, June 12, 2012 Where: Gherardesca Park Auction at 7:30 pm (free entry), Concert at 8:30 pm, Buffet Dinner at 9:30 pm. Tickets for the Concert and Dinner: EUR 100.00
Apr 04, 2012 Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Four Seasons Hotel Florence
Spring at Il Palagio Restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel Firenze.
Spring at Il Palagio Restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel Firenze. A new season opens at the Michelin-starred restaurant.
Last November, Il Palagio at Four Seasons Hotel Firenze received its first Michelin star, just three years after opening, from the world's most beloved and important culinary guide. Its unique and beautiful location, with frescoed walls and ancient chandeliers surrounded by a five hectare park in the middle of Florence, is just the beginning. Inside the kitchens at Il Palagio, Executive Chef Vito Mollica and his expert team prove their worth of such a prize with creativity and innovation, high quality, and outstanding service each day. Now, after a splendid winter season, Il Palagio presents a new menu, prepared to perfection and delivered with enthusiasm. According to Restaurant Manager Gabriele Fedeli, “The awareness that we reached such an important goal gave us a great sense of responsibility. Four Seasons is famous because of the excellent quality of its service, and now our guests will be even more demanding; we must be able to satisfy the requests of our international guests who are curious to discover the character of Tuscan cuisine, and at the same time we must satisfy our Florentine guests who are looking for something new and different." Continues Fedeli: "We studied something new to surprise them. For example, we now have a menu with ten different types of coffee toasted by artisan producers, and some very particular and difficult to find distillates. We also have a larger wine menu that now counts more than 400 labels.” Along side Vito Mollica’s dishes, a special position is occupied by the creations of Domenico Di Clemente, the restaurant's pastry chef. “The philosophy we follow in our kitchen is to respect the products of the season, with constant research to combine Tuscan ingredients with other Italian ones. With no extravagances, we want to continue on the way we have followed so far. We added a lot more pralines and chocolates and we have created new desserts." A preview? The Gargano’s lemon tartelette, with femminiello lemon combined with bergamot in a delicious lemon-shaped shell with a variegated stuffing.
Apr 04, 2012 Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Four Seasons Hotel Milano
Wonder in an Instant: Four Seasons Hotel Milano to Toast the Magic of Taittinger Champagne with First-Ever Dinner in the Courtyard Garden.
Wonder in an Instant: Four Seasons Hotel Milano to Toast the Magic of Taittinger Champagne with First-Ever Dinner in the Courtyard Garden. Host Clovis Taittinger and Executive Chef Sergio Mei team for “Instant Taittinger” with fine dining, friendship and bubbly beneath the stars.
Four Seasons Hotel Milano is starting the summer season not with a bang, but with a pop. Several of them, actually, with Instant Taittinger, a magical evening of Champagne, fine dining and friendship to be held in the garden courtyard on Thursday, May 24, 2012. Hosted by Clovis Taittinger, deputy export director of the family-owned French Champagne house, and cooked up by Executive Chef Sergio Mei, Instant Taittinger marks the first dinner in the age-old garden since Four Seasons Hotel Milano opened its doors in 1993. The verdant courtyard, laid out in the 15th century when the Hotel was a convent, has long been a hotspot for coffee breaks and summer cocktails. Never dinner, however – until now. Why the long wait? Simple consideration for guests occupying accommodations around the courtyard, that’s all. Yet with frequent requests for en plein air dining no longer possible to ignore, the garden is ready for its star turn. It’s going to be quite a debut. Designed by leading Italian landscape architect Paolo Pejrone, the cloistered garden is dotted with foliage including tulip trees, evergreen shrubs and flowering pitosforo. Following cocktails on the patio, Clovis Taittinger will descend the grand staircase in style, ringing in the evening with a saber slice to the neck of a magnum from Maison Taittinger. Tables will be decorated with flowers, candles and tableware by Villeroy & Boch and Zafferano. A well-known jazz ensemble will waft harmony across the scene. And the only attendees better dressed than the white-gloved servers carrying cloche-covered fare will be the dinner guests themselves in black tie ( per gli uomini) and evening gowns ( per le donne) befitting the elegance of the event. Dinner will be served as the “sweetest hour of the day” arrives between sunset and dusk, with course after course from Chef Mei’s kitchen paired with bubbly from the Taittinger caves in Reims. Guests can look forward to separate servings of Tidbits from the Chef and scallops in the shell with Champagne Taittinger Brut; Onion and Prawn Royal with Champagne Taittinger Prelude Grands Crus; and then rice and scampi with Champagne Taittinger Brut Prestige Rose. Salt and mussels with potatoes and spinach will wash down deliciously with Champagne Taittinger Comtes de Champagne. And a Four Seasons Soufflé will glisten beneath the stars and the sparkle of Champagne Taittinger Nocturne. “Wonder can be found in an instant,” goes the saying, so just imagine what wonders await at Instant Taittinger in the garden courtyard of Four Seasons Hotel Milano.
Apr 04, 2012 Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Four Seasons Hotel Prague
Special Lunch Menu and Hot Thursday and Cool Friday nights at newly opened CottoCrudo restaurant bar and lounge. CottoCrudo restaurant, bar and lounge at Four Seasons Hotel Prague introduces a new lunch menu and live DJs on Thursday and Friday nights to bring spring cheer to its guests. Those looking for a stylish choice for dining or a family gathering, a cool venue for a rendezvous or a drink before a night out should look no further – CottoCrudo has so much to offer this season.
Special Lunch Menu To celebrate the restaurant opening, the CottoCrudo team introduces a Special Lunch Menu ideal for business meetings or a quick lunch. The two course lunch menu is priced at CZK 350.00, and guests can choose from two starters and two delicious pasta dishes. The offer is available from Monday to Friday from noon to 3:00 pm, and changes on a weekly basis. Hot Thursdays and Cool Friday Nights Music and cocktail lovers now enjoy the CottoCrudo bar and lounge at its best. Starting in April, the CottoCrudo bar and lounge will host a live DJ performance every Thursday and Friday at 9:00 pm. The music does the talking as DJ Black Jesus takes guests for an unforgettable ride each Thursday night. CottoCrudo’s professional mixologists will be on hand to keep the atmosphere cool with a wide selection of delicious cocktails. DJ Richard will take over on Friday evenings. Working at CottoCrudo as a waiter, Richard is also passionate about music and so each Friday night will share his music taste with CottoCrudo guests. Welcome to CottoCrudo CottoCrudo, a modern Italian restaurant, bar and lounge, was opened in Prague on 2 March 2012. Located by the Vltava River and entered via Veleslavinova Street, the chic urban setting showcases traditional and authentic Italian dishes with a modern touch created by Executive Chef Richard Fuchs and his team. The CottoCrudo concept was inspired by the design and architecture of Prague and presents a sense of patina and history to contrast with the sleek, modern aspects of the bar and culinary stations. The venue layout is a synergy between the restaurant, lounge and the bar, and creates one multi-faceted space. The central culinary station features the Crudo bar – “raw” bar in Italian – a cheese cellar including the mozzarella bar, a salami and prosciutto tower, pane e grissini freshly baked breads, and wine displays. The restaurant offers an extensive menu of Italian and Mediterranean dishes, including fresh seafood, homemade pasta, choice meat cuts, and artisan products from the Piedmont and Tuscany regions of Italy. Guests can also enjoy an extensive wine list of more than 300 labels, of which 26 wines are available by mezzo (Italian carafe), and an eclectic cocktail list featuring Italian and Czech twists on classic recipes.
Apr 04, 2012 Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Four Seasons Hotel London
The time is now and the place is here. The eyes of the world will be on London this summer when two momentous occasions take place in the city. In June, Her Majesty The Queen celebrates her Diamond Jubilee marking her sixty year reign on the throne, and in July and August London will be the proud host of the world's greatest festival of sport.
The Queen's Jubilee festivities centere around the holiday weekend of June 2 to 5 with a series of commemorative events taking place in the capital and across the United Kingdom. A four day program, designed to showcase the magnificent pomp and ceremony for which Britain is renowned, will highlight the nation’s celebration of this very British occasion. Spotlights include the Thames River Pageant with its spectacular flotilla of up to 1,000 boats led by Her Majesty in the Royal Barge; the Diamond Jubilee Concert, bringing together some of Britain’s biggest names in music and broadcast live from Buckingham Palace; and a Royal Carriage Procession through the streets of London. In honour of this historic royal anniversary, Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane invites guests to share in the nation’s excitement with its Diamond Weekend package. With its distinctive park side location in the heart of Mayfair, Four Seasons offers the perfect location for a two night Jubilee stay complete with the following regal touches: Two nights in an elegant Four Seasons Deluxe king bedded room with full English Breakfast for two served daily in either Amaranto or in-room. Savouring the Jubilee atmosphere over a sumptuous six course Coronation Tea served in the Amaranto Lounge. The taking of Afternoon Tea is the most British of traditions and Four Seasons Executive Pastry Chef Nicholas Durousseau has entered into the spirit of the country's favourite pastime with a menu featuring recipes from the 60 years of Her Majesty’s reign. Selections include Bombe Glacee Princess Elizabeth, Queen Elizabeth Cake and the famous Williamson Pink Cup Cake. Indulging in a Spa treatment from The Royal Collection, a range of traditional and organic treatments especially created for the Jubilee celebrations. Guests spend the morning in the stunning rooftop Spa with its panoramic views over the Royal Parks and Buckingham Palace and get into the glam with a Diamond Hydrating Facial or a Rule Britannia mani pedi. Guests will receive a commemorative Jubilee gift as a memento of this very special weekend. Valid over The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee extended weekend holiday June 1 to 6, 2012, the Diamond Weekend package is priced at GBP 995.00 plus VAT.
Apr 04, 2012 Hotel La Residencia La Residencia - Mallorca, Spain
Largest sculpture gardens in Spain
La Residencia, set amongst olive trees in the artists' village of Deià, Mallorca, offers the warmth yet sophisticated feel of a Mediterranean country house with stunning views, amazing service, and some of the best food in all of Spain. A true Mediterranean dream! Last March, we launched one of the largest sculpture gardens in Spain, complementing the already large art collection guests can enjoy throughout the property and at the Sa Tafona Gallery. The sculptures are placed around the gardens, terraces, and mountainside and include works in different materials by a series of distinguished national and international sculptors. Juan Waelder, the hotel's sculptor in residence, welcomes students of all ages to join his classes or to simply pass by for an informal chat.
La Residencia has created a workshop for Sculptor in Residence Juan Waelder in the old ‘caves’ of the ancient olive press situated in our Tafona Art Gallery. Waelder is working on an exciting and innovative mural that pays homage to Robert Graves and the village of Deiá. You are invited to participate in its creation by sculpting a small square of the design under his instruction. Juan is available for individual and group classes: Three-hour group class: 80 euros Three-hour individual tuition: 150 euros
Apr 04, 2012 Bellini Club La Residencia - Mallorca, Spain
Enjoy a Break in Mallorca
Sheltered by green mountains on Mallorca’s north-west coast, and just an olive stone's throw from a pretty swimming cove, La Residencia is a Mediterranean dream.
Guests are free to fill their days as they choose and to sample the delights of the two restaurants at night with this three night stay. Guests can spend their time simply unwinding and relaxing within the hotel or for the more active, go walking in the mountains, or hire a car and discover parts of the island that are new to them. Three Night Package includes: Luxury accommodation Daily buffet breakfast One gourmet dinner in El Olivo Restaurant (excluding beverages) One dinner in Son Moragues Terrace or Sa Fereix, depending on the season (excluding beverages)
Apr 04, 2012 2012 LLC™ Clayoquot Wilderness Resort
10 Coolest All-Inclusive Vacations
Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada It takes a private seaplane ride of 45-minutes from Vancouver to get here, and that is just the first part of a very special experience. Open from spring to fall, Clayoquot is owned by a family trust and dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the pristine wilderness setting.
It is very family friendly, and a great place for kids and multi-generational bonding. Accommodations are in just 20 deluxe canvas tents, done in the style of the grand African safaris of Hemingway and Roosevelt. All have propane “wood” stoves, antique furnishings, and most have en suite bathrooms with full showers, while others have individual outhouses. The resort has two large “lounge tents,” which look more like private clubs inside, with billiards, bars, and even, thanks to satellite, an internet café. But the main attraction at Clayoquot is the wilderness itself, and a slate of varied activities include horseback riding, river and ocean kayaking, whale watching, grizzly bear watching, hiking, mountain biking and world-class river, ocean, and lake fishing - some guests come primarily for the angling. Other highlights are hiking day trips to Flores Island, a volcanic First Nation island nearby, and Zodiac boat trips to hot springs. There are even zip lines, rock climbing, shooting and archery on site. Truly all-inclusive, everything here is included in rates for 3,4 and 7-day adventure packages, all the activities, excellent natural cuisine, alcohol, even the seaplane transfers and massages, a rarity at all-inclusives. If you are looking for a turnkey all-inclusive family vacation that you will never forget, Clayoquot Wilderness Resort is hard to beat.
Apr 04, 2012 Clayoquot Wilderness Resort news letter Clayoquot Wilderness Resort
What is getting Chef excited this year?
As our 2012 season fast approaches I am getting more and more excited about the Food & Beverage department and some exciting developments.
We have really taken a huge step forward with our garden this season. Blair has been spending untold hours digging in the dirt and propagating seeds to supply the cookhouse with Bedwell grown veggies. Blair and I met in the fall and started to plan what it was we wanted to have ready for this summer. With proper planning we should be able to highlight something from the garden on every night’s menu. Salad greens, Heirloom tomatoes, baby beets, and fresh beans are just a fraction of the products that we will get to play with this season. I am also very excited to be taking a bee keeping course near the end of this month. We will be getting ourselves a couple hives and could start to see our own Bedwell Valley Honey near the end of the summer. If we can’t get anything from them this summer, we will be in full swing by next year. The bees will be helping to pollenate the wild flowers of the valley and of course they will be quite beneficial to our garden as well. I see salmon berry honey! As we start to really explore what is possible in regards to supplying ourselves with fresh organic product, I can’t help letting my mind run wild. Bedwell chickens for eggs? Pigs? Goats? We will see... See you all in the summer! Executive Chef Ryan Orr
Apr 04, 2012 Ritz Paris sales Ritz Paris
Discover the ultimate Ritz Paris experience
" Le Ritz, c'est ma maison " Coco Chanel, who lived at the hotel for over thirty years, saw the Ritz Paris as her true home. Discover the legendary Coco Chanel Suite with its timeless glamour before the hotel closes its doors for its unprecedented renovation program. An absolute must for fashion lovers!
Tranquillity and Haute Cuisine at the Ritz Paris With spring on the horizon, the Terrace of the Bar Vendôme and L'Espadon Restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy the fabulous cuisine created by two-Michelin-starred Chef Michel Roth. Gourmet breaks at the Ritz Escoffier Cookery School In the prestigious Ritz Paris kitchens, fans of fine cuisine can participate in cookery classes and ateliers for all levels, from absolute beginner to the most experienced gourmet! " Cheese, Bread & Chocolate " The Ritz Paris invites you on a gastronomic journey in the heart of Paris. Come and join us on this fantastic culinary adventure and discover the many trades which make the French restaurant industry world renowned! The Ritz Health Club, Dive into divine blue waters! The countdown has begun. There are only a few months left to dive into the 30°c water and swim amongst the mosaic mermaids in the most beautiful pool in Paris.
Apr 04, 2012 Mandarin Oriental Prague Mandarin Oriental, Prague
Leisure Update from Mandarin Oriental, Prague
Spring and summer in Prague are perfect for a family city break. With three new sets of connecting rooms and our Family Treat package, a trip has become much a breeze to plan: a second room for children comes at 50% off, with lovely age-appropriate child amenities. Last but not least, our fabulous new Weekend Wine Brunches are complimentary for guests under 6 years of age (no wine!) and feature a children’s menu plus a supervised playroom.
In other hotel news, our lovely private garden will be getting a makeover by this spring, with canopies and trellises enhancing the private patios in front of each of our Garden Terrace rooms. May 25-27 marks the annual Prague Food Festival, the country’s No. 1 gastronomic event dedicated to all the delights of the palate that just keeps getting better each year. Held in the stunning Royal Garden of the Prague Castle, the event will feature interactive booths by the most illustrious of Prague‘s restaurants (including our own Essensia) and gourmet food & drink vendors, with live cooking demos and naturally, lots of opportunities for tasting. Cirque de Soleil will perform its Alegría at the state-of-the-art O2 Arena also on May 25-27. The themes of the show, whose name means "jubilation" in Spanish, are power and the handing down of power over time, the evolution from ancient monarchies to modern democracies, old age, youth. It is against this backdrop that the characters of Alegría play out their lives. Prague has always been a great destination for classical music, and the spring/summer season promises some notable performances. The Prague Spring Internation Music Festival takes place annually from 12 May until 3 June. This year’s highlights include the Vienna Philharmonic with Daniel Barenboim, the St. Petersburg Phiharmonic with Yuri Temirkanov, mezzo Magdalena Kozena, the BBC Symphony Orchestra with Jiri Belohlavek and Bernarda Fink, and pianist Leif Ove Andsnes. The Prague Proms concert series is held 16 June - 21 July, and the celebrated annual festival Summer Festivities of Early Music takes place 19 July - 6 August. Classical music may be Prague’s forte, but it loves rock & jazz as well. 11 July will see veteran rocker Bruce Springsteen and his E Street Band, 28 August marks a concert by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and on 16 September, fans will flock to hear the soft rock of Coldplay. But that’s not nearly all – Prague offers fantastic music clubs, most notably the wonderful Jazzdock, which provides a relaxed backdrop for any number of excellent live jazz ensembles, or the trendy SaSaZu.
Mar 03, 2012 Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Four Seasons Hotel Florence
Four Seasons Honored with 2011 Luxury Travel Advisor Awards of Excellence
We are pleased to announce that Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts was recognized in two different categories in the prestigious Luxury Travel Advisor 2011 Awards of Excellence.
Honorees in the Awards of Excellence represent a range of travel products, including hotels, resorts, individuals, cruise lines and professional services, each excelling at delivering memorable experiences that help distinguish the luxury travel industry. Each year, the esteemed invitation-only advisory board for the awards hand-selects each of the nominees across several different categories and the Luxury Travel Advisor readers then vote to determine the winners. Ruthanne Terrero, Vice President and Editorial Director, Questex Hospitality + Travel, noted, “Our readers expect us to inspire them with travel experiences befitting a discerning clientele and an industry defined by the exceptional. Just being nominated is a hallmark of outstanding service, so winning is a true testament to the remarkable impression each company has made on the luxury travel advisor community.” Please join us in congratulating the 2011 Luxury Travel Advisor Awards of Excellence winners, who are profiled in the February issue of Luxury Travel Advisor: Best Luxury Hotel/Resort Worldwide: Four Seasons Hotel Firenze, Florence Best New Luxury Hotel/Resort in North America: Four Seasons Resort Vail
Mar 03, 2012 Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Four Seasons Hotel Milano
Engage in Europe’s Capitals of Culture with Four Seasons
The diversity of cultures across the cities of Europe is staggering, and with often just a few days in a city, it’s vital to know exactly where to go. Four Seasons has tapped into their local connections offering behind the scenes, rare, insider opportunities to explore and engage with a local cultural scene.
Since Milan is the undisputed capital of fashion and design, there’s no better place to gain insight on the latest trends from leaders in the design world. The experience begins at the Domus Academy to learn the fundamentals of the guest's chosen subject from a professor, from architecture and interior design to furniture or fashion. Guests of Four Seasons Hotel Milano then explore Milan’s design showrooms, shops or buildings with noteworthy architecture with the professor offering both a professional and local viewpoint, before ending the day at the Triennale Design Museum, a dynamic showplace of avant garde design.
Mar 03, 2012 Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Four Seasons Hotel Florence
Engage in Europe’s Capitals of Culture with Four Seasons
The diversity of cultures across the cities of Europe is staggering, and with often just a few days in a city, it’s vital to know exactly where to go. Four Seasons has tapped into their local connections offering behind the scenes, rare, insider opportunities to explore and engage with a local cultural scene.
At Four Seasons Hotel Firenze, those looking to indulge in the higher culture of Opera can have a preview at the Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. Guests are collected by an Opera Connoisseur for a detailed explanation of the upcoming performance before being escorted to the theatre to take prime seats. The experience is rounded off by a pre- or post-performance dinner.
Mar 03, 2012 Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon
Engage in Europe’s Capitals of Culture with Four Seasons
The Portuguese bullfight is a defining part of the local culture, but few locals have the chance to spend the afternoon with one of Portugal’s most respected cavaleiros (horseback bullfighters), António Ribeiro Telles.
As a private guest at his magnificent Torrinha Estate in southern Ribatejo, not far from Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon, guests will meet the extraordinary Ribeiro Telles horses and go horseback riding. Following a traditional Portuguese lunch with the family, the climax of the day is a private bullfight performed by António and his team. From the elegant art of the cavaleiros to the courageous insanity of the forcados, the aim is to demonstrate classic traditions, not hurt the animals.
Mar 03, 2012 Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Four Seasons Hotel Prague
Engage in Europe’s Capitals of Culture with Four Seasons
Prague’s exquisite theatres are world renowned for being dramatic and beautiful, just like the city itself. Take in The Estates Theatre, The National Theatre and The Municipal House, Prague’s most spectacular art nouveau building, in a four-hour walking tour.
Designed by Four Seasons Hotel Prague for lovers of theatre, music and history, an expert guide will get behind the scenes at each theatre, offering an insight into the architecture, design and history of each superlative venue, before a limousine whisks guests to an evening performance of opera, ballet, drama or the symphony.
Mar 03, 2012 2012 Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts Shangri-La Vancouver
"Voted #1 Luxury Hotel in Canada by TripAdvisor in 2012"
Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver, was named #1 luxury hotel in Canada by TripAdvisor Traveler's Choice Best Hotels Awards 2012 in the category, Top 25 Luxury Hotels in Canada - "as awarded by millions of real travelers."
Mar 03, 2012 Orient-Express Bellini Club Maroma Resort and Spa - Riviera Maya, Mexico
Spa Sensations in Mexico
Set among verdant jungle beside a white, sandy beach, Maroma Resort and Spa is pure escapism with a touch of Mayan magic. Guests will discover the influence of the Mayans with mysterious rituals and the natural ingredients from the jungle and the sea, techniques that are still used in the Kinan Spa. Each building, spa treatment room and waterfall at the spa has been aligned to the stars to ensure positive energy flow so the body, mind and spirit are in harmony.
The Spa Sensations Package includes: A minimum of three nights luxury accommodation Daily a la carte breakfast Private consultation per person with the Spa Director who will create a customized treatment for you USD $500 spa credit per stay Kinan spa caftan per person One snorkeling trip to the second largest reef in the world per person Wake up coffee service in room each morning Welcome cocktail upon arrival In-room high speed internet Access to the fitness centre Rates: Starting at $665.00 USD per night dependent on arrival date and season. Please Note: All rates are in USD per room and based on double occupancy (rates are subject to change) 14% tax and 10% service charge are not included. Restrictions may apply. Stipulations: 3 night minimum stay restriction. Package not applicable for groups or combinable with any other promotion or program. Subject to hotel availability. Restrictions apply. Deposit: 2 nights deposit required at the time of booking
Mar 03, 2012 2012 Kempinski Kempinski Hotel Giardino di Costanza
I Misteri di Trapani
Special Easter event in Sicily is the "procession of Mysteries" of Trapani The Procession of the Mysteries of Trapani is a day long passion procession featuring twenty floats of lifelike wood, canvas and glue sculptures of individual scenes of the events of the Passion, a passion play at the centre and the culmination of the holy week in Trapani.
The Misteri are amongst the oldest continuously running religious events in Europe, having been played every Good Friday since before the 1612, and running for at least 16 continuous hours, but occasionally well beyond the 24 hours, are the longest religious festival in Sicily and in Italy.
Feb 02, 2012 Orient-Express Hotels Ltd. Villa San Michele - Florence, Italy
Master the Art of Cooking
Famous the world over for its delicious cuisine; the Cookery School at Villa San Michele provides an idyllic setting to learn about the diverse and authentic flavours of the country’s vibrant gastronomic scene. The school continues to grow and enhance reputation, involving great chefs, specialist courses, and lessons with a contemporary feel, plus new programmes added every year.
This year welcomes an exciting new calendar of cookery courses for 2012. The new “Circus of Sweets” course has been introduced as part of The Tastes of Tuscany themed courses. For guests who have a sweet indulgence, this is the class for them. Tuscan and Italian dessert recipes are showcased to delight guest’s palates and leave them with flavours they will savour forever. This course runs on the 7th July and 21st July 2012. Villa San Michele continues to offer a host of short but complete cookery courses, starting in April and running through end-October. The half-day classes, held every Monday, Thursday and Saturday offer a unique opportunity for guests to immerse themselves in Tuscan gastronomy with the Chef. Guests can also pair a cookery course at the Villa San Michele with a visit to the nearby street markets. Florence boasts numerous street markets- farmer’s market, flea market and antiques market- that offer travellers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture while at the same time finding a bargain or two along the way.
Feb 02, 2012 Orient-Express Hotels Ltd. Casa de Sierra Nevada - San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
Master the Art of Cooking
Casa de Sierra Nevada is home to the Sazon Cookery School. Located in the cobble-stoned street of this colonial city, the boutique hotel of Casa de Sierra Nevada is a mixture of 16th to 18th century Spanish colonial houses. Just step outside of this charming hotel and visitors are surrounded by San Miguel de Allende’s many colours, scents and sounds.
The Sazon Cookery School runs a number of acclaimed cookery courses, covering the different forms of Mexican cuisine, including traditional regional specialities and some of the more modern favourites. Healthy Home Cooking is a new theme recently launched at the Sazon Cookery School. Vegetarian and healthy cooking lessons are held every Wednesday. For guests looking to venture out of the kitchen and into the community, Sazon holds a market tour every Tuesday which continues to be a favourite for guests. Guests will take home with them from the Sazon Cookery School an abundance of Mexican inspired flavours, recipe ideas and a new found enthusiasm for Mexican food.
Feb 02, 2012 Orient-Express Hotels Ltd. Hotel Splendido - Portofino, Italy
Get Active with Orient-Express
For travellers who like the idea of discovering more out of their destination, taking an active part in the community could be for them. Fishing is an activity that can prove quite popular for guests looking to try something different. The Liguria region (north-west Italy), where Hotel Splendido is situated, prides itself on the fresh tasty fish that is caught off its shores.
For a day trip with a difference, guests staying at the hotel can set sail on a traditional Ligurian fishing boat with local fishermen to source the catch of the day. With several itineraries to choose from, depending on the level of fishing experience, total immersion into the local culture is ensured.
Feb 02, 2012 Orient-Express Hotels Ltd. Casa de Sierra Nevada - San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
Get Active with Orient-Express
Casa de Sierra Nevada has a diverse selection of activities on offer to guests designed to encourage them to embrace the authentic culture of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Activities range from horse riding lessons, walking tours and hot air balloon rides.
Located in the cobble-stoned street of this colonial city, the boutique hotel of Casa de Sierra Nevada is a mixture of 16th to 18th century Spanish colonial buildings (casas). This charming Orient-Express hotel provides the ultimate Mexican experience to its guests. For a real Mexican adventure, a visit to a ranch not far from downtown San Miguel, Coyote Canyon Adventures offers half-day and full-day rides. The ranch also offers activities such as hiking, biking and four-wheeling.
Feb 02, 2012 The Ritz Hotel Ritz Paris
The Ritz Paris will close its doors on August 1, 2012, for a 2-year renovation
We would like to inform you of unprecedented renovation program for the Ritz Paris scheduled to begin August 1, 2012 . The hotel will close its doors for 2 years and it looks forward to welcoming back its guests as of summer 2014 to Place Vendome.
Rooms, suites, restaurants, bars, the spa and the famous Ritz Escoffier cooking school will all be carefully restored and recreated under the direction of the internationally renowned interior designer Thierry W. Despont. The Hotel’s unique and celebrated gardens will also be embellished during the two year closure. Rest assured the Ritz Paris shall look after its valuable clientele until the very last day of operation on July 31st 2012, as it always has.
Feb 02, 2012 Rosa Alpina Hotel & Spa Rosa Alpina, San Cassiano
Recipe From Our Kitchen
Risotto with Graukäse and white onions Ingredients for 4 persons For the risotto 240 gr Carnaroli rice 50 gr of white wine 2 lt of chicken stock 4 white onions 100 gr of butter 100 gr of aged apple cider vinegar 2 bay leaves ground black pepper 2 tablespoons olive oil 100 gr of Normandy butter 40 gr grated Parmesan, aged 12 months salt
For the Graukäse foam 200 gr of cream 2 gr of agar agar 100 gr of Graukäse cheese salt and pepper For garnish 20 gr of crumbled "pücia" bread 4 "pücia" bread chips fresh chives The risotto Cut the onions into julienne, stew them in a pot with butter, sprinkle with apple cider vinegar and 1 liter of broth. Bake for about half an hour. In a small pan, toast the rice, sprinkle with white wine and add the stock little by little. Halfway through cooking add the white onion cooked separately. When cooked, stir in the Normandy butter and Parmesan. The Graukäse foam Combine all ingredients, bring to gentle boil, always stirring. Blend and place in a siphon with 2 gas capsules. The garnish Crumble the "pücia" bread. Finely chop the chives. Composition of the dish Place the risotto in the centre of the plate, cover it with the Graukäse foam and dust with "pücia" and chives. Finish with "pücia" chips.
Feb 02, 2012 Oetker Hotel Management Company Le Bristol Hotel Paris
A new tailor-made decoration for Epicure, the 3 Michelin star gastronomic restaurant of Le Bristol
For "Epicure", architect Pierre-Yves Rochon -in close collaboration with Mrs Maja Oetker- has created a dreamlike world that opens out onto the hotel's French-style garden, a veritable oasis in the heart of Paris.
The cuisine of Chef Eric Frechon is now celebrated all year round in this totally transformed environment: an area devoted to the art of gracious living, the pleasure of enjoying good food and that of being constantly surprised by the wonders orchestrated by its Chef Eric Frechon, as well as the sweet delicacies made by Pastry Chef Laurent Jeannin, and finally the very select wine list chosen by Head Sommelier Marco Pelletier…
Feb 02, 2012 Oetker Hotel Management Company Le Bristol Hotel Paris
Oenological Evenings at Le Bristol!
On the first Monday of each month, Le Bristol organizes an oenological evening at 114 Faubourg upholding its reputation as a convivial gourmet table with its own special style. A French wine producer, recommended by Marco Pelletier, the Bristol's head sommelier, presents his or her wine in person, with a tasting menu of four dishes specially created by 114 Faubourg's chef, Eric Desbordes.
“We are delighted to offer wine producers the opportunity to present their wines in such a superb setting”, explains Marco Pelletier. “These vineyard owners, who come every month, except for September when they are busy with the harvest, run operations that are on a human scale, that are totally immersed in their land and which produce individual, authentic wines that offer an admirable expression of that very land” The wine is then an integral part of 114 Faubourg's lunch and dinner menus for the rest of the month. 114 Faubourg, French creative cuisine, in a convivial Parisian atmosphere.
Feb 02, 2012 Orient-Express 2012 Maroma Resort and Spa - Riviera Maya, Mexico
Take The Family to Mexico
At Maroma Resort and Spa, guests will find relaxation and fun in perfect harmony for families. Ancient archaeological treasures, natural wonders and the tranquil waters of Maroma Beach will capture the imagination of children visiting the resort, while the parents can be left to enjoy the warm afternoon sun resting on a comfortable king-sized bed by the sea.
Maroma offers an array of amenities and activities designed to enhance family’s vacations all year round. The resort is keen to ensure that their younger guests feel thoroughly comfortable and cared for, where they can make friends, explore interesting places, investigate and learn about the Mexican and Maya culture through play. Maroma Resort and Spa is pleased to welcome families and offer facilities such as: a family swimming pool, a game centre (featuring an X-Box 360. beach toys, board games among others) and beach games. The new family travel programme has introduced a new scheme where the hotel can now accommodate up to 2 children sharing their parent’s room and will allow extra beds in the following suites: Garden View Master Suite, Ocean View Master Suite,Oceanfront One Bedroom Suite and Villa Karolina. Amenities on offer: Children’s restaurant menu Children’s welcome kit Small slippers and child-size kaftans Special bathroom amenities Complimentary milk and cookies at bedtime A babysitting service and a number of programmed activities are available at an extra cost. The activities on offer for 2012 are the perfect blend for guests to take part in either individually or with the whole family. Example of activities: Mayan domino Ping-pong tournament Making cupcakes Maroma Treasure Tennis for beginners Jenga, chess and monopoly Mayan yoga Spanish lessons Making a Mexican kite All activities will ensure a playful, memorable and relaxing holiday for all the family!
Feb 02, 2012 Orient-Express Bellini Club Grand Hotel Timeo- Sicily, Italy
Exploring a vintage Fiat 500
Sun, nature, sea, art and culture all on one island...Sicily The Grand Hotel Timeo and the Villa Sant’Andrea are offering its guests the opportunity to explore Sicily's most striking features in a way that is certain to be a unique and unforgettable experience. Guests are invited to jump in a vintage Fiat 500, open the sunroof to let in the warm autumn sun and venture out onto the narrow streets of Sicily exploring its breathtaking locations. The mild climate makes this the best time of year to experience a unique trip dedicated to "slow touring", discovering the land between sea and mountains and taking "pit stops" in the spots that attract each visitor most.
Follow a "Guide Fiat 500" or use a GPS system to drive to the famous Mount Etna. Follow the Wine Road and visit ancient villages at the foot of the volcano driving past hills, terraces, farms, baroque churches and stately mansions. Learn the four different varieties of wine of the area, then stop at a local winery for a tasting of Sicilian wines and a lunch based on local products. For those not wanting to venture far from the sea, the hotels offer a ride along the Ionian coast, discovering long beaches and small fishing villages where visitors can enjoy a delicious lunch of freshly caught fish. Finally, movie fans can visit the sites where Francis Ford Coppola shot the famous movie "The Godfather". Reaching the ancient towns of Savoca and Forza d'Agrò in a vintage 500 is an exciting and authentic way to relive some of the most famous scenes of the film. Each itinerary provides an absolutely unique and authentic experience dedicated to discovery and fun, by offering the chance to visit the most exclusive places on the island and bringing guests in direct contact with the vibrant Sicilian culture.
Feb 02, 2012 Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow
We are glad to share exciting news with you. Ararat Park Hyatt has been chosen as the best hotel in Russia 2011 by the prestigious International Hotel Awards in association with Bloomberg Television. The winners were revealed at a high profile presentation dinner in London on 18 January.
Commenting on the award, Park Hyatt Moscow’s General Manager, Stephen Ansell said, “It is an honour for our hotel to be recognised with this prestigious award. Next year we look forward to participating again, as the completion of our renovation programme will bring a new level of contemporary luxury to Moscow and further enhance the guest experience.”
Feb 02, 2012 Reader's Digest Magazines Canada Limited Wickaninnish Inn, Tofino
Top 10 Most Luxurious Couples' Vacations
Long hours at the office, rowdy kids, nagging bills – are the hectic demands of everyday life chipping away at your relationship? Get away from it all and reignite the passion in your love life with 10 luxurious couples’ retreats. 6. Wickaninnish Inn, Tofino, British Columbia, Canada
Selected by Condé Nast Traveler for its 2012 Gold List of outstanding hotels, the Wickaninnish Inn offers award-winning luxury in a beautifully remote location. The Inn’s rustic elegance and ocean views help celebrate l’amour year-round. Their ‘All You Need is Love’ package provides the perfect excuse for a romantic escape. Revel in champagne on arrival served in delicate flutes that you get to keep. Savour a four-course tasting menu dinner, and afterwards, feel spoiled with their famous turndown service featuring a cozy drawn bath and decadent house-made truffles.
Feb 02, 2012 Reader's Digest Magazines Canada Limited Capri Palace Hotel & SPA
Top 10 Most Luxurious Couples' Vacations
Long hours at the office, rowdy kids, nagging bills – are the hectic demands of everyday life chipping away at your relationship? Get away from it all and reignite the passion in your love life with 10 luxurious couples’ retreats. 8. Capri Palace Hotel and Spa - Capri, Italy
Breathtaking scenery and an award-winning spa make this island hideaway the perfect location to reconnect with your partner. At the Capri Palace Hotel and Spa, visitors are welcomed by jaw-dropping vistas over the Gulf of Naples. Relax and unwind in a picture-postcard setting while sampling delicious Mediterranean cuisine in your choice of three restaurants including L’Olivo, the only two Michelin star restaurant on the island.
Feb 02, 2012 Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts Shangri-La Vancouver
Raising the bar yet again, Our very own Jay Jones has been named "Canadian Hotel Bartender of the Year" by enRoute Magazine!
The team at MARKET is proud to celebrate Jay's award by featuring his Valentine's Day Cocktails. For the ladies "Sugar in My Bowl" is a subtle, sweet, effervescent and irresistible cocktail while it's counterpart for men,"Slave to Love" is a brooding, complex, virile and intoxicating creation. MARKET by Jean-Georges Vancouver - Valentine’s Day 2012 Bittersweet Cocktails for ladies... Sugar in My Bowl St.Germain Elderflower, Aperol, White Sugar, Orange Bitters & Sparkling Wine for gentlemen... Slave to Love Rittenhouse 100 Rye, Punt e Mes, Luxardo Maraschino, Absinthe, Guinettes Cherry for broken hearts... Kissing a Fool Beefeater 24 Gin, Campari, Rose Syrup, Creole Bitters, Singed Orange Oil Bitter, sweet, bruised but strong “Maybe I’ll be strong enough I don’t know where to start But I’ll never find Peace of mind While I listen to my heart” -George Michael, Kissing a Fool (1988) $14
Feb 02, 2012 Cristallo Hotel Spa & Golf Cristallo Hotel Spa & Golf
Cupid strikes with his arrow at the Cristallo
To have the splendid view of the Tofane Mountains covered in snow during a candlelit dinner, or to look straight into the eyes of your beloved during a relaxing massage - these are not just dreams, they are one of the ways to spend an unforgettable Valentine’s Day. The Cristallo Hotel Spa & Golf has planned the “Love is in the air” event, an entire week dedicated to love, with specially selected menus and activities for couples.
From 11th to 17th February couples can dine in the Gazebo Restaurant admiring the view. The hall will be decorated to make the occasion even more romantic. During that week there will be two different menus, one for ladies and one for gentlemen. A truly special menu is planned for Valentine’s Day. All the dishes will contain a special ingredient, which symbolises love more than any other - chocolate. Live music will make the evening truly magical and perfect for exchanging loving promises. The week of love is not just a matter of food. Couples can treat themselves to relaxing massages for two. They will be able to enjoy an innovative range of body and facial treatments together in the specially set-up “Serendipity spa room” in the Transvital Swiss Beauty Center. The treatments, specifically designed for men and women, can be adjusted to suit individual tastes and needs, as they can be relaxing, regenerating or toning, in line with the latest results of Swiss research. For lovers who want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a truly unique setting, the Cristallo Hotel has prepared a special package that includes two romantic nights, a treatment for couples in the Serendipity spa room and Valentine’s dinner. Starting from Euro 595, per person in double room.
Feb 02, 2012 Luna Hotel Baglioni Luna Hotel Baglioni
Carnival in Venice
The sparkling and exciting Carnival appointments are waiting for you in the elegant ambience of Luna Hotel Baglioni to celebrate in the most unforgettable way the Carnival of Venice!
Saturday 11th February 2012: Moon Masquerade Friday 17th February 2012: Great Baglioni Party Saturday 18th February 2012: Gran Carnival Gala at the Luna Hotel Baglioni
Feb 02, 2012 Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Four Seasons Hotel Florence
Valentine's Day Package at Four Seasons Hotel Firenze.
A couples' itinerary to live in perfect Four Seasons style. Florence, the romantic city par excellence, is the place for an inspiring itinerary for two departing from the Florentine gem of Four Seasons Hotel Firenze. Couples looking to escape everyday life for a short break can trust the Hotel team and its San Valentino offer to celebrate February 14th in Italian style.
The lovers’ journey begins at this charming urban resort in the historic centre of Florence, birthplace of the Renaissance, and will take lovebirds to discover the most magical spots in the city. A warm welcome upon arrival is just the beginning before discovering the Giardino della Gherardesca, a spectacular green garden and centrepiece of the Hotel. Guests have the chance to experience the luxurious Spa at Four Seasons, the ideal retreat for a couple’s massage in one of the elegant treatment rooms. Surrounded by the beautiful park, the Spa offers a variety of treatments drawing inspiration from Tuscan flavours and scents by Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella – one of oldest herbal pharmacies in the world. Feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, the couple's journey of indulgence continues with a romantic stroll along the streets of Florence, the setting for one of the most famous love stories in history, the one between Dante and Beatrice. There are large squares and narrow passageways waiting to be discovered as well the famous Ponte Vecchio and the hidden views along the Arno river - a unique place to enjoy a breathtaking sunset over the bridge. Back to the Hotel, at Il Palagio, the restaurant overlooking the Hotel's private garden, guests can enjoy a dedicated menu created by the Michelin-starred Chef Vito Mollica and his culinary team. The four course dinner starts with oysters and hot peppers; followed by sea bass carpaccio with citrus, burrata cheese and mullet bottarga; black truffle risotto with pecorino cheese; crispy duck breast and leg confit in orange sauce; and finally Madagascar chocolate with mango coulis prepared by Pastry Chef Domenico Di Clemente as a sweet conclusion. As a final touch of romance, the Hotel's concierge team suggests ending the Valentine’s celebration on the large terrace of Piazzale Michelangelo, the most inspiring location in Florence, to appreciate the magnificent night view over the entire city. The Valentine's in Firenze package includes: one night luxury accommodation,
 romantic breakfast in bed for two
, Valentine's four courses gourmet dinner for two (excluding wines), 75 minute couple's massage at the Spa
, and romantic welcome amenity in the room upon arrival. Rates starting from EUR 710.00 per room per night double occupancy, valid February 14, 2012 only. Additional nights available at the Bed and Breakfast rate.
Jan 01, 2012 Orient-Express 2012 Hotel Caruso Belvedere - Ravello, Italy
Have you ever dined with 21 stars?
A culinary tour like no other, with five gastronomic weekends in the Italian Orient-Express hotels, and ten brilliant chefs that tot up a staggering 21 Michelin stars! Each chef will prepare a degustation dinner, including one course that has been specially devised for this unique event. Each package includes: two nights in Junior Suite with daily breakfast two gourmet dinners prepared by two Michelin star Chefs an exclusive excursion not normally available to the public, highlighting a particular aspect of the destination
17-18 March - Hotel Cipriani, Venice Filippo Chippini Dattilo, Antica Osteria del Teatro, Piacenza - 1 Michelin Star Massimo Bottura, Osteria Francescana, Modena - 3 Michelin Stars 14-15 April - Hotel Splendido & Splendido Mare, Portofino Chicco and Bobo Cerea, Da Vittorio, Brusaporto - 3 Michelin Stars Pino Cuttaia, La Madia, Licata - 2 Michelin Stars 29-30 September - Grand Hotel Timeo and Villa Sant'Andrea, Taormina Pietro Leemann, Joia, Milan - 1 Michelin Star Heinz Beck, La Pergola, Rome - 3 Michelin Stars 20-21 October - Hotel Caruso, Ravello Norbert Niederkofler, St.Hubertus, San Cassiano - 2 Michelin Stars Nico Romito, Reale, Castel di Sangro - 2 Michelin Stars 2-3 November - Villa San Michele, Florence Gennaro Esposito, Torre del Saracino, Vico Equense - 2 Michelin Stars Mauro Uliassi, Uliassi, Senigallia - 2 Michelin Stars Norbert Niederkofler, St.Hubertus, San Cassiano - 2 Michelin Stars: The in-house restaurant of the stylish Rosa Alpina Hotel & Spa in the Dolomites, St Hubertus strives to promote a stronger Alto Adige culinary identity and strengthen Alpine food culture. The two-Michelin-starred restaurant is overseen by Head Chef Norbert Niederkofler, who believes that perfection can be reached when you respect nature and the quality of the produce. Passionate about skiing, he’s been the winner of the prestigious Chef’s Cup for the past few years. • The wildest dish he’re ever created? A risotto, cooked in Nepal at 5,000m altitude — it took 50 minutes! • His essential ingredients? Olive oil, sea salt for the fish and Maldon salt for the meat — and a good glass of wine to enjoy while cooking • If he weren’t a chef? He wanted to be an architect, but it took too long to study and he was dying to head off and explore the world. Nico Romito, Reale, Castel di Sangro - 2 Michelin Stars Family-run restaurant Reale, nestled in the valley of Castel di Sangro in Abruzzo, southern Italy, received two Michelin stars in 2008. Chef Niko Romito, who studied at the Etoile Culinary Institute of Arts in Venice, creates precision-perfect dishes that focus on regional ingredients such as goat’s milk and ricotta cheese and are prepared according to the principle that “less is more”. • The wildest dish he's ever created? Veal in aspic with dried Porcini mushrooms, almonds, rosemary and black truffle • His essential ingredients? Extra virgin olive oil, and all the cheeses from the Abruzzi region • If he weren’t a chef? He would probably be a teacher, and he just opened a cooking school to do just that!
Jan 01, 2012 Orient-Express Bellini Club Grand Hotel Europe - St Petersburg, Russia
Grand Hotel Europe, The Observatory and Napasai ranked #1 on TripAdvisor
We are delighted to announce three Orient-Express hotels have received the #1 hotels ranking on TripAdvisor.
The Observatory Hotel located in the heart of Sydney has been acknowledged as the best luxury hotel in Sydney and third in Australia. The hotel is a fantastic location for those guests who want to explore the vibrant city and is favoured for it's water front views and outstanding service. The Grand Hotel Europe is situated in St Petersburg, Russia. The hotel sits among the city's great architectural treasures and is considered a cultural and culinary landmark. The Grand Hotel Europe is now ranked as #1 on top of the list of Russia's top luxury hotels in the opinion of users of TripAdvisor. Napasai is now ranked as #1 out of 297 hotels in Samui on TripAdvisor, in front of Banyan Tree, Four Seasons, W, Six Senses and the Relais & Chateaux. Napasai, located on the north coast of Thailand is a true paradise and a secluded hideaway. As TripAdvisor has continued its growth globally, featuring sites in 30 countries and in 21 languages, the Travellers’ Choice: Best Hotels awards now highlight a broader range of spectacular properties across the globe. This is TripAdvisor’s biggest awards ever, with lists covering 19 new markets and expanded categories from “Top 10” to “Top 25” winners, providing more inspiration for travellers seeking remarkable properties around the world. This is a great achievement for all the hotels and their teams!
Jan 01, 2012 Mandarin Oriental, Prague
Hotel News, Upgrades and Renovations
Mandarin Oriental Prague celebrated the end of the year with a major award – the readers of Condé Nast Traveler voted us in the annual Readers’ Choice Awards the Best Hotel in Northern Europe for 2011; additionally, in January 2012 we topped the CNT Gold List for the Czech Republic. To all of our past and future fans, a heartfelt thank you, and we hope to see you in Prague in 2012!
We continue making Mandarin Oriental, Prague an ever more pleasant place for a holiday or business trip. We have recently completed the installation of two saunas in our fitness centre; in the pipeline for Spring is a new Beauty Room in the Spa which will be dedicated to hand, foot, nail and facial treatments – for individual guests as well as pairs or couples. - To accommodate our growing share of travelling families, we are completing work on three sets of connecting rooms which will comfortably sleep two adults and up to four children. Bohemian Carnevale and Crystal Ball The Bohemian Carnevale (10-21 February 2012) is a revived tradition inspired by the colourful pageants once celebrated by local aristocracy. With dances, concerts, street parades, feasts and children’s soirées, the Carnevale culminates on 18 February with the Crystal Ball, a Baroque-style, lavishly produced, costumed & masked fête. Attending this event as a couple is a brilliant way to experience the romance of Prague like never before. Valentine’s Day at Mandarin Oriental, Prague Your Valentine will love our Dine or Spa with the Best package: Depending on her (or his) inclinations, our well-priced package lets you choose between a romantic meal at Essensia restaurant or a couple massage (for the price of a single massage) at our Spa. But don’t wait too long – this special package expires on 31 March. Our Essensia restaurant will offer a spectacular Valentine’s menu in the style of avant-garde (or “molecular”) cuisine. Inspired by the spices of Asia, the 8-course tasting menu is both delicious and amusing, with imaginatively-named courses such as “Lost Marbles” and “Ginger & Mint Toothpaste”. Easter Easter 2012 falls on 8 April, but as usual, Prague will dedicate most of March to pre-Easter events such as Easter markets. At Mandarin Oriental, Prague we will be offering a series of family-oriented springtime brunches with children’s workshops; while the parents dine on seasonal delicacies, their offspring will be painting colourful painted Easter eggs, chicks and other festive items. And needless to say, there will be an Easter Sunday egg hunt...
Jan 01, 2012 Maroma Resort and Spa by Orient-Express Maroma Resort and Spa - Riviera Maya, Mexico
Noche del Pescador
Tonight! Noche del Pescador!! Fresh grilled Fish and Seafood! No Menu No Bill, No worries…
"What I cook, that´s what you get…" says Juan Pablo Executive Chef… In return you pay what you think the dinner is worth. For every dinner sold, we donate 50% of our revenue to Amigos de Sian Ka´an Organization!
Jan 01, 2012 Pellican Post La Posta Vecchia
This winter we are undergoing additional new developments at La Posta Vecchia to further enhance the level of comfort for our guests. Both the Tower Suite and Tower Room have been completely renewed and their bathrooms have been fully redesigned with tiles by Devon & Devon. Additionally, all bedrooms will be provided with brand new Sealy mattresses and silk eiderdowns for greater comfort and relax. We are also equipping the house with a brand new air conditioning system throughout the building which will guarantee a more consistent temperature throughout the different areas of the villa.
Both the Tower Suite and Tower Room have been completely renewed and their bathrooms have been fully redesigned with tiles by Devon & Devon. Additionally, all bedrooms will be provided with brand new Sealy mattresses and silk eiderdowns for greater comfort and relax. We are also equipping the house with a brand new air conditioning system throughout the building which will guarantee a more consistent temperature throughout the different areas of the villa. These are just a few of the enhancements you will come across this season at La Posta Vecchia!
Jan 01, 2012 Luxury Travel Media Maroma Resort and Spa - Riviera Maya, Mexico
Maroma Resort & Spa Kicks off New Year with Mud Bar
When guests at the Orient-Express property use the sauna and steam room facilities at Maroma's Kinan Spa, they can now choose to indulge in the hotel's new and refreshing mud bar.
Dependent on their desire, guests can pick four different types of muds (Black, Yellow, Mezcal and Lime, and Chamomile Clay), all of which have different healing properties. Before entering the steam room or sauna, guests will be given a Zacate (maya loofa) to be used for stimulating the skin and applying the mud to their body. Cost for a full day of the sauna and steam room with mud and refreshments is $25 per person.
Jan 01, 2012 CONDÉ NAST JOHANSENS Clayoquot Wilderness Resort
2012 Awards for Excellence: The Americas Winners | Condé Nast Johansens
Clayoquot awarded BEST ECO LODGE in USA and CANADA in Conde Nast Johansens 2012 Awards of Excellence
Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, located in the Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Reserve, close to the seaside village of Tofino, is a truly unique and exclusive vacation. An ultra-luxurious eco resort, it offers newly opened 5-star en-suite bathroom tents, world-class coastal cuisine, extraordinary adventure and stunning wilderness. After a day of guided activities, relax at Healing Grounds, an eco-safari style massage and therapeutic treatment center comprising 4 treatment tents, 3 wood-fired cedar hot tubs, a wood-fired cedar sauna, outdoor showers, seawater baths and wraparound sun decks. Alternately, chill out in a lounge tent and sit back with a good book, play a game of chess or browse the internet. Then unwind in your extremely cozy outpost deluxe guest accommodation tent; spacious white canvas retreats built on raised wooden platforms. New additions are the luxury en-suite bathroom tents. Chef Ryan Orr creates savory Modern Natural Cuisine using fresh local ingredients.
Jan 01, 2012 Whistler Blackcomb 2011 Four Seasons Resort, Whistler
Whistler Blackcomb - Weather Forecast - Valley and Alpine
55-100 cm forecasted for this week! Looks like Whistler is in store for another amazing weekend!
Just a few snow flurries ovenright with minimal new accumulations. Light snow increases on Wednesday, most during the afternoon hours. The bulk of this next storm will miss the area just to the south, so we are only anticipating light snow accums. Temperatures will remain cold though with continued gusty N to NE winds. Snow tapers off Wednesday night, then mainly dry through the day Thursday except for a few light snow flurries at times. Snow increases again later Thursday night into Friday with warming temps.
Jan 01, 2012 Cristallo Hotel Spa & Golf Cristallo Hotel Spa & Golf
Enjoy Cortina with the snow and relaxation
Sports, relaxation and good food are the perfect formula for a truly excellent winter holiday, far from the hubbub of the holiday season, enabling you to appreciate Cortina even in the low season.
Indeed, fun, wellness and good food are the essential ingredients of a truly excellent winter holiday, and that is exactly what’s on offer with the Cristallo "Snow and Relaxation" and "Cuddles and Delights" holiday packages. The first, involving a seven day stay, includes fives ski passes and two among the most sophisticated Transvital wellness treatments. The second offers one free night to all those who book a three-night midweek stay, as well as a free admission to the spa and a dinner at the restaurant "La Stube 1972 ". A dreamlike holiday fit for a king, offering every comfort so that you may fully enjoy the winter season surrounded by some of the most enchanting peaks of the Dolomites. Snow & Relaxation package Starting from Euro 1.395 per person, for 6 nights in a double room, including skipass for 5 days e 2 Spa treatments. Cuddles and Delights 3 nights stay including one free of charge for midweek stays (from Sunday to Thursday). The package includes: - one cuddle = free entrance in the Wet Area - one delight = a typical dinner for 2 persons in the “La Stube 1872” Restaurant. Starting from Euro 410, per person, for 3 nights The Hotel Cristallo and the Smoma trio present the “Cristallo 110th Anniversary Music Collection”, a collection of rearranged celebrated pieces presented in a special boxed set. The picturesque and exciting atmosphere of the Cristallo will be colourfully enhanced by an exceptional soundtrack, featuring reinterpretations of international successes and sophisticated, uncommon arrangements. Under the aegis of style, attention to detail and Italian tradition, the well-established collaboration between the Cristallo and the Smoma musical trio, which provided the music for the Grand Gala event in celebration of the Hotel's 110th anniversary and the New Year's Eve party, has culminated in an exclusive Music Collection. It is a collection of famous pieces, reinterpreted through the group's original arrangements to evoke the enchantment and emotion felt during moments of festivity. In addition to the CD, the elegant collector's box contains a booklet narrating the history of the only 5 Star Luxury Hotel in the Dolomites, illustrated with historical and recent photographs. Interpreting an eclectic collage of well-known pieces with taste and style, Smoma touches on all possible musical genres, from Madonna, Bob Marley and George Benson to Nina Simone, Donna Summer and Diana Ross, creating a fascinating genre unto itself. The colourful variations of the female voice meld with the elegance of the guitar, bass and trumpet, to create an original and entertaining sound. The Veranda del Cristallo Restaurant is to offer its room, with a breathtaking view of the Tofane mountains, for the fine wine and food event, Saporitaliani. Chef Marco Badalucci is to prepare a celebration characterized by creativity, with recipes from every Italian region and delectable themes to excite the senses. Ampezzan Luxury conquers the palate. The fine wine and food event Saporitaliani has reopened in December and will stage four months of all-Italian theme-based events where one may enjoy dishes created with inspiration and creativity by the celebrated chef Marco Badalucci. The Cristallo's La Veranda Restaurant will host the event in its splendid rooms, with a view of the stunning panorama of the Cortina d’Ampezzo Tofane Mountains. A renowned chef, ingredients of exceptional quality and recipes from the Italian tradition. A perfect mix of experience, art, creativity and taste will bring to life sophisticated and appetizing dishes that exalt each individual ingredient and stimulate the senses. Each evening will focus on a particular flavour, aroma, ingredient or Italian region, becoming an occasion to get to know cultures and customs beyond the area of Cortina.
Jan 01, 2012 Copyright © 2009 SKI Four Seasons Resort, Whistler
Where to Ski This Weekend:
Whistler Blackcomb, BC Whistler Blackcomb is 100 percent open, and is one of the few resorts on this continent consistently getting snow.
The Four Seasons is offering the ‘Olympic Legacy Package,’ allowing guests to experience many of the Olympic activities from the 2010 games; including biathlon, downhill skiing, bobsled and skeleton.
Jan 01, 2012 2012 Le Sirenuse Hotel, Positano
Emporio Le Sirenuse 2012
Jan 7th, 2012 by Carla Sersale I’m very pleased to announce that we’re expanding Emporio Le Sirenuse, the boutique I manage, located across from our hotel’s entrance. Actually there will be two spaces, the original one which has been in operation for 20 years, and a new one with a twin facade a little further up. The wall between them will be painted in our signature Pompeian red—the original village Madonna wall fountain will of course remain. Despite having fallen into a sad state of neglect over many many years, with restoration and fresh paint to the surrounding wall, we hope to make this sweet little fountain shine once again!
I think the whole effect of symmetry and color will be quite beautiful as one exits the hotel, creating the sense of an intimate piazzetta: the Hotel entrance on one side of the road, the two boutiques directly across from it. The expansion was a bit of an unexpected opportunity, and I’m still considering what to offer in the new space. One thought is to include a complimentary coffee bar with some seating as a small gesture of thanks to our loyal Emporio Le Sirenuse devotees. Aside from this, any suggestions for new brands or ideas regarding what you’d like to find there this coming 2012 season are welcome. And lest you be concerned about our Emporio Home boutique located in the hotel’s hall, it will remain unchanged, and contentedly where it is. Happiest New Year to All! Carla Sersale
Nov 11, 2011 Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Four Seasons Resort, Whistler
Mountain Resorts: Embrace the Excitement of Winter
Located in the world’s most renowned ski destinations, each resort offers distinctive, one-of-a-kind adventures and experiences enriched with Four Seasons warm hospitality and intuitive service. And now, all are featuring an exceptional selection of winter vacation packages making the conditions absolutely ideal for planning a wonderful winter escape.
From the unspoiled wilderness of the Grand Tetons to the majesty of the Canadian Rockies and the grandeur of the Colorado Rockies, each Four Seasons mountain resort is perfectly positioned to embrace the unique, natural beauty of its surroundings. All feature alpine-inspired designs with classic peaked roofs and a rich mix of rustic woods and stone, offering the perfect balance of contemporary style and cozy mountain tradition. Each resort offers an excellent variety of terrain for skiers and snowboarders of all levels; along with top-of-the line ski equipment, top-rated ski schools and exclusive Ski Concierge service to assist with equipment, warm your boots or offer little-known trail tips. Off the slopes, you can slip away to the spa as each resort offers their own blissful selection of alpine-inspired treatments. Guests will also enjoy year-round heated outdoor pools and exciting après ski nightlife with designer shops, excellent restaurants, galleries, festivals and more. So, are you up for a wildlife safari in Jackson Hole? An awe-inspiring dog sled trek through the virgin powder of Whistler? Or conquering Vail’s four amazing ski and snowboard terrain parks? With Four Seasons mountain resorts, the possibilities and the pleasures are truly endless. Exclusive Preferred Partner Amenities: Daily full American breakfast for two people per bedroom, served through In-Room Dining or in the Hotel restaurant (including buffets) Extra value-added amenity, such as: Spa credit of USD 100 once during stay (not applicable to products); golf credit of USD 100 once during stay (not applicable to pro shop purchases); or lunch for two once during stay (up to USD 85, excluding gratuity and alcohol) Upgrade of one category, based on availability at time of check-in (excluding signature suites and villas) Welcome note at check-in acknowledging you and your travel agency and the amenities that are being extended Complimentary high-speed Internet access for all suite bookings
Nov 11, 2011 Wickaninnish Inn - November 2011 Newsletter Wickaninnish Inn, Tofino
A Note from Charles
November is upon us and along with it the beginning of another storm season on the west coast. Year after year I am truly amazed – and humbled – by Mother Nature's powerful displays. Here at the Inn not only do we have a front row seat for winter storms, but we also have generator power for the occasional power outages.
This month also brings one of my favourite local celebrations – the 15th annual Clayoquot Sound Oyster Festival . A series of events from November 17-19 honour this bivalve, a variety of which is grown in abundance in the waters around Tofino. Here at the Inn we are celebrating the festival with an evening of fresh Cortez Island oysters with the Oysterman himself – Brent Petkau. Our kitchen brigade will have the perfect wine and beer pairings to complement Brent's oysters during this two-hour reception. To learn more about the Oysterman's farm, visit here. One of the things we're most proud of at the Wickaninnish is being able to connect you, our guests, with the best Tofino has to offer. Our region offers truly unique outdoor and wildlife experiences that are brought to you by many talented and knowledgeable locals.
Nov 11, 2011 Orient-Express Bellini Club Villa San Michele - Florence, Italy
Villa San Michele Helps Strengthen Local Community
Fiesole, the town Villa San Michele calls home, commands breathtaking views from the hills above Florence. In addition to these stunning views, Fiesole attracts visitors year round to its archeological area to view remnants of Etruscan walls, a striking Roman theatre as well as Roman baths.
The town of Fiesole and Villa San Michele have entered into a project together focused on a new lighting system for the archeological area scheduled to be completed in 2012. The new lighting system will allow dramatic night time guided tours of the archeological area. The bright lights of Florence will not be the only nighttime view in Fiesole anymore!
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