Spain's capital city unites the high-speed buzz of a contemporary business hub with an intensive cultural vibe that resonates from its fountain-bedecked plazas to its discos and tapas bars. The arts are the city's passion, with three internationally acclaimed museums and many smaller galleries, and visitors can experience world-class performing arts: opera and ballet, operettas and chotis dances, concerts by Spanish National Orchestra, all flavors of drama, and both traditional and nuevo flamenco.

Just don't forget a siesta, as the nightlife goes on until dawn! After a day of art history at the museums or power shopping, guests of the city can relax in splendid guestrooms of luxury hotels graced by high-tech comforts and European charm. Both contemporary style lover and suitor of traditional design will find in Madrid up scale accommodation of their dream. The city of art offers all range from small boutique properties to palace hotels and upscale creatures of leading modern designers.

Luxury hotels: 5


Ay  AC Santo Mauro Boutique Hotel
By  Hotel Hesperia Madrid
Cy  Hotel Ritz Madrid - Madrid, Spain
Dy  InterContinental Madrid
Ey  The Westin Palace Madrid