The state capital of Munich is situated near the Bavarian Alps in the centre of Europe and offers besides its extraordinary economic, scientific and transport related infrastructure a great spectrum of attractive facilities concerning art, culture and leisure.

A village with a million inhabitants, Athens on the Isar, metropolitan city with a heart, Bavaria's Silicon Valley: surely no other major city has as many epithets as Munich.

Visitors from all over the world appreciate the specific mixture of Bavarian tradition and hospitality, of pulsating activity and tolerant cosmopolitism, of dynamic innovation and placid serenity. Munich has everything the visitor could dream of for a perfect vacation: more than 5,000 restaurants and bars, famous beer gardens and tavernas, an excellent short distance public transportation system, sumptuous castles, spectacular museums, seductive shopping facilities and 44,000 hotel beds in all categories including international high-end class of luxury accommodation.

It is hardly possible to combine all the activities of tourists complimented with old traditions of hospitality more successfully than in Munich.

Luxury hotels: 2


Ay  Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski Munich
By  Mandarin Oriental, Munich