The Czech capital is both a modern city and an architectural treasure trove rolled into one. In the course of its long existence Prague has acquired several complimentary names, for example Stone Prague, Magic Prague, the City of a Hundred Spires and the Mother of all Cities. Another of these names is "Golden Prague" which has stayed with the city for several centuries. Historical centre of Prague has been on the list of UNESCO world heritage sites since 1992. The magic of Prague does not emanate only from the vast number of historical monuments - no matter how remarkable they may be - but rather from the fact that the city as a whole has its own unique appearance and atmosphere. Luxury hotels listed on this web page offer you the most lavish accommodation opportunities in the historical and cultural heart of this vibrant city where the past and the present merge in a unique symbiosis. Five-star Prague hotels are great example of old-fashion East-European traditions of hospitality coupled with the most modern facilities and comfort standards.

The historical centre of Prague is a colorful gallery of all types of architectural styles that range from Gothic to Secession and Modernism. Each era epoch has left its distinctive mark on the streets luckily escaped both war-time damage as well as ill-conceived reconstruction that has damaged many European cities. Apart from the artistic treasures that can be seen directly in the streets of the city, there are also many museums and galleries that are worth visiting.

Even the lovers of good food and drinks will not find themselves lost in Prague. They can choose from a wide range of restaurants that offer both traditional Czech dishes and international cuisine. Czechs are great lovers of beer and to gather in a traditional Czech pub over a half-liter of original Pilsner or Budweiser beer often forms a part even of official state visits. The history of some of Prague coffee houses dated as far back as before the First World War. Prague is probably the only European city where you can order Absinth - the legendary green nymph and once preferred drink of artistic bohemians.

Prague also has much to offer those visitors more interested in shopping, rather than in historical monuments. There is a big variety of leading fashion boutiques, luxury jewellers, perfume, antique shops, art galleries and small shops which offer traditional Czech products such a cut glass.

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