Presently, the Canary Islands are one of the leading destinations of European tourism, welcoming more than eight million visitors annually in their splendid resorts and charming luxury hotels, situated along the 1,500 kilometers of beautiful shores. The appeal of the Canary Islands for most visitors, 50% of whom return, is closely linked to the extraordinary climate of the islands, but is also has to do with the magnificent beaches, and the numerous sports and water-related recreation available. The people, their traditions and cuisine, inherited from Europe, Africa and the Americas, have also played a large part. All of these factors have contributed to the islands' popularity, in addition to their easy accessibility, only a few hours by plane from the great cities of the Old Continent, and a complete tourist infrastructure, an example of quality for many places around the world.

The majestic volcano of Mount Teide dominates the largest island of the Canary archipelago. The green lands of the north contrast sharply with the arid terrain of the south. The mountains, covered with forests, culminate in breathtaking beauty at the Canadas del Teide National Park. Select tourist complexes taking advantage of the sunny climate of the south and the beautiful landscapes of the north. As expected, most of the hotels can be found near the sea. The one represented on our pages is the most luxurious sample of estate-like elegant resort, a real treasure of Tenerife Island.

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Ay  Gran Hotel Bahia Del Duque Resort